BS EN 12167:2016 - Copper and copper alloys. Profiles and bars for general purposes

BS EN 12167:2016

Copper and copper alloys. Profiles and bars for general purposes

Status : Current   Published : July 2016



This European Standard specifies the composition, property requirements and dimensional tolerances for copper alloy profiles including L-, T-, U-shaped cross-sections, and bars, finally produced by drawing or extruding.

This European Standard applies to profiles with L-, T- and U-shaped cross-sections which would fit within a circumscribing circle of a maximum 180 mm diameter and to bars with thicknesses from 3 mm up to and including 60 mm and with widths from 6 mm up to and including 120 mm.

The sampling procedures, the methods of test for verification of conformity to the requirements of this European Standard, are also specified.

Standard NumberBS EN 12167:2016
TitleCopper and copper alloys. Profiles and bars for general purposes
Publication Date31 July 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 1173, EN 1412, EN 1655, EN 10204, EN 14977, EN ISO 6506-1, ISO 6506-1, EN ISO 6509-1, ISO 6509-1, EN ISO 6892-1, ISO 6892-1, ISO 1190-1, ISO 4739, ISO 6957
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN ISO 9001, ISO 9001, ISO 1811-2, EN ISO 80000-1, ISO 80000-1
ReplacesBS EN 12167:2011
International RelationshipsEN 12167:2016
DescriptorsCopper, Copper alloys, Bars (materials), Rectangular shape, Profile, Metal sections, Ordering, Chemical composition, Compositional tolerances, Zinc-containing alloys, Lead-containing alloys, Nickel-containing alloys, Tin-containing alloys, Aluminium-containing alloys, Density, Tensile strength, Hardness, Designations, Thickness, Width, Dimensional tolerances, Flatness (surface), Rounding (numbers), Test specimens, Sampling methods, Elongation, Testing conditions, Proof stress, Visual inspection (testing), Brass, Stress corrosion, Sample location, Approval testing, Tensile testing, Hardness testing, Corrosion tests
Title in GermanKupfer und Kupferlegierungen. Profile und Rechteckstangen zur allgemeinen Verwendung
ISBN978 0 580 91263 4
File Size2.159 MB

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