BS EN 62561-3:2017 - Lightning protection system components (LPSC). Requirements for isolating spark gaps (ISG)

BS EN 62561-3:2017

Lightning protection system components (LPSC). Requirements for isolating spark gaps (ISG)

Status : Current, Under review   Published : September 2017



This part of IEC 62561 specifies the requirements and tests for isolating spark gaps (ISG) for lightning protection systems.

ISGs can be used to indirectly bond a lightning protection system to other nearby metalwork where a direct bond is not permissible for functional reasons.

Typical applications include the connection to

  • earth-termination systems of power installations,

  • earth-termination systems of telecommunication systems,

  • auxiliary earth electrodes of voltage-operated, earth fault circuit breakers,

  • rail earth electrode of power and DC railways,

  • measuring earth electrodes for laboratories,

  • installations with cathodic protection and stray current systems,

  • service entry masts for low-voltage overhead cables,

  • bypassing insulated flanges and insulated couplings of pipelines.

This does not cover applications where follow currents occur.


Lightning protection system components (LPSC) can also be suitable for use in hazardous conditions such as fire and explosive atmosphere. Due regard will be taken of the extra requirements necessary for the components to be installed in such conditions.

Standard NumberBS EN 62561-3:2017
TitleLightning protection system components (LPSC). Requirements for isolating spark gaps (ISG)
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date28 September 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 62561-1:2017, ISO 6988:1985 (R11), ISO 4892-3:2006, IEC 60068-2-75:1997, EN IEC 60068-2-52:2018, ISO 4892-2:2006, EN ISO 6988:1994, IEC 60068-2-52:1996, EN 60068-2-75:2014, ISO 6957:1988, EN 62561-1:2017, ISO 4892-4:2013
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60529:1989 Cons Ed 2-1, IEC 62305-4:2010, IEC 62305-3:2010, IEC 62305-1:2010, EN 62305-3:2011, EN 60529:1991, IEC 61643-11:2011, EN 61643-11:2012, EN 62305-1:2011, EN 62305-4:2011
International RelationshipsIEC 62561-3:2017,EN 62561-3:2017,EN 62271-204:2011
Draft Superseded By15/30326953 DC
DescriptorsMetals, Electric sparks, Electrical testing, Installation, Environmental engineering, Electrical components, Marking, Spark gaps, Electric discharges, Lightning protection, Electrical safety, Electromagnetic compatibility, Climatic protection, Electrical protection equipment
Title in FrenchComposants des systèmes de protection contre la foudre (CSPF) Exigences pour les éclateurs d'isolement
Title in GermanBlitzschutzsystembauteile (LPSC) Anforderungen an Trennfunkenstrecken
ISBN978 0 580 90951 1
File Size1.104 MB

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