BS EN ISO 15118-2:2016 - Road vehicles. Vehicle-to-Grid Communication Interface. Network and application protocol requirements

BS EN ISO 15118-2:2016

Road vehicles. Vehicle-to-Grid Communication Interface. Network and application protocol requirements

Status : Current, Under review   Published : April 2014



ISO 15118-2:2014 specifies the communication between battery electric vehicles (BEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. The application layer message set defined in ISO 15118-2:2014 is designed to support the energy transfer from an EVSE to an EV. ISO 15118-1 contains additional use case elements describing the bidirectional energy transfer. The implementation of these use cases requires enhancements of the application layer message set defined herein. The purpose of ISO 15118-2:2014 is to detail the communication between an EV (BEV or a PHEV) and an EVSE. Aspects are specified to detect a vehicle in a communication network and enable an Internet Protocol (IP) based communication between EVCC and SECC. ISO 15118-2:2014 defines messages, data model, XML/EXI based data representation format, usage of V2GTP, TLS, TCP and IPv6. In addition, it describes how data link layer services can be accessed from a layer 3 perspective. The Data Link Layer and Physical Layer functionality is described in ISO 15118-3.

Standard NumberBS EN ISO 15118-2:2016
TitleRoad vehicles. Vehicle-to-Grid Communication Interface. Network and application protocol requirements
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date30 April 2014
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)NIST 800-38A:2001, IETF RFC 6582:2012, IETF RFC 5234:2008, NIST FIPS PUB 180-4:2012, IETF RFC 3484:2003, IETF RFC 793:1981, IEC 61851-1:2010, BS EN ISO 3166-1:2020, ISO 3166-1:2020, IETF RFC 5722:2009, IETF RFC 6106:2010, IETF RFC 4429:2006, IEC 61851-22, IETF RFC 4862:2007, NIST 800-56A:2007, IETF RFC 6961:2013, W3C XML:2013, IETF RFC 768:1980, IETF RFC 5480:2009, IETF RFC 5095:2007, IETF RFC 5116:2008, IEC 62196, IETF RFC 4291:2006, IETF RFC 1981:1996, W3C EXI 1.0:2011, ISO 15118-1, IETF RFC 3122:2001, IETF RFC 4443:2006, IETF RFC 5280:2008, IETF RFC 6960:2013, IEC CDV 61851-23:2012, IETF RFC 3315:2003, IETF RFC 2460:1998, IETF RFC 4861:2007, IETF RFC 5289:2008, IETF RFC 6066:2011, IETF RFC 5246:2008
Informative References(Provided for Information)IETF RFC 5482:2009, IETF RFC 1323:1992, BSI AIS 20/AIS 31:2011, IETF RFC 5280:2008, W3C EXI Profile:2013, ANSI X9.62:2005, IETF RFC 1630:1994, W3C XML Schema 0:2004, IETF RFC 2018:1996, NIST SP 800-90 A:2012, IETF RFC 1624:1994, ISO 10731, IETF RFC 5871:2010, W3C XML:2008, IETF RFC 5220:2008, IETF RFC 6335:2011, ISO 15118-1, IETF RFC 5681:2009, W3C XML Schema 1:2004, IETF RFC 6298:2011, W3C XML Schema 2:2004
International RelationshipsEN ISO 15118-2:2016,ISO 15118-2:2014
Amended ByCorrigendum, May 2016
DescriptorsRoad vehicles, Communication technology, Definitions, Approval testing, Physical layer (OSI), Road vehicle engineering, Electrical equipment
Title in FrenchVéhicules routiers. Interface de communication entre véhicule et réseau électrique. Exigences du protocole d'application et du réseau
Title in GermanStraßenfahrzeuge. Kommunikationsschnittstelle zwischen Fahrzeug und Ladestation. Anforderungen an das Netzwerk- und Anwendungsprotokoll
ISBN978 0 580 90930 6
File Size6.169 MB

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