BS EN 13236:2010+A1:2015 - Safety requirements for superabrasive products

BS EN 13236:2010+A1:2015

Safety requirements for superabrasive products

Status : Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : December 2010 Replaced By : BS EN 13236:2019

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This European Standard only applies to superabrasives products containing natural or synthetic diamond or cBN (cubic boron Nitride). It includes precision grinding and cutting-off wheels, non-precision cutting-off wheels, diamond wires, mounted points and other superabrasive products for non-precision grinding. It also applies to reconditioned superabrasive cutting-off wheels.

This European Standard specifies requirements and/or measures for the removal or reduction of hazards resulting from the design and application of the superabrasive products.

This European Standard contains also procedures and tests for verification of the compliance with the requirements as well as safety information for use which is to be made available to the user by the manufacturer.

The hazards taken into consideration are listed in Clause 4.

This European Standard does not apply to bonded abrasive products, coated abrasive products, rotating dressing tools, truers nor any non-rotating superabrasive products.

Standard NumberBS EN 13236:2010+A1:2015
TitleSafety requirements for superabrasive products
StatusSuperseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date31 December 2010
Withdrawn Date03 May 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 22917, ISO 286-2:2010, EN ISO 286-2:2010
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 792-9, ISO 3864-2, EN ISO 286-1, EN 13218, IEC 60745-2-3:2006, EN 12413, 98/37/EC, EN ISO 19432, EN 792-7, 06/42/EC, EN 22768-1, 01/95/EC, 95/16/EC, ISO 286-1:2010, EN 60745-2-3, ISO 19432:2006, ISO 6104, ISO 666, EN 13743:2017, ISO 3864-2:2016, ISO 2768-1:1989, ISO 6106
Replaced ByBS EN 13236:2019
ReplacesBS EN 13236:2001
International RelationshipsEN 13236:2010+A1:2015
Amended ByAmendment, January 2016
DescriptorsInstructions for use, Grinding machines, Colour codes, Equipment safety, Safety measures, Parting tools, Abrasives, Testing, Wires, Verification, Marking, Grinding wheels, Occupational safety, Diamond tools, Hazards, Grinding
Title in FrenchPrescriptions de sécurité pour les produits superabrasifs
Title in GermanSicherheitsanforderungen für Schleifwerkzeuge mit Diamant oder Bornitrid
ISBN978 0 580 90463 9
File Size1.817 MB

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