BS EN 50618:2014 - Electric cables for photovoltaic systems (BT(DE/NOT)258)

BS EN 50618:2014

Electric cables for photovoltaic systems (BT(DE/NOT)258)

Status : Current   Published : January 2015
Conformity to regulation : Designated



This European Standard applies to low smoke halogen-free, flexible, single-core power cables with cross-linked insulation and sheath. In particular for use at the direct current (d.c.) side of photovoltaic systems, with a nominal d.c. voltage of 1,5 kV between conductors and between conductor and earth.

The cables are suitable to be used with Class II equipment.

The cables are designed to operate at a normal maximum conductor temperature of 90 °C, but for a maximum of 20 000 hours a max. conductor temperature of 120 °C at a max. ambient temperature of 90 °C is permitted.


The expected period of use under normal usage conditions as specified in this standard is at least 25 years.

Standard NumberBS EN 50618:2014
TitleElectric cables for photovoltaic systems (BT(DE/NOT)258)
Publication Date31 January 2015
Conformity to regulationDesignated
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 60811-505, IEC 60216-1, IEC 60811-401, EN 60811-404, IEC 60811-501, EN 60228:2005, IEC 60068-2-78, IEC 60811-404, IEC 62230:2006, IEC 60811-506, EN 60216-2, EN 62230:2007, EN 50289-4-17, EN 60068-2-78, EN 50525-1:2011, EN 50565-1:2014, EN 50395:2005, EN 50396:2005, IEC 60364-7-712:2017, HD 60364-5-52:2011, EN 60811-507, EN 60811-504, HD 60364-7-712, EN 60216-1, EN 61034-1, IEC 60811-504, IEC 60811-503, EN 60332-1-2:2004, IEC 60228:2004, EN 60811-503, IEC 60811-403, IEC 60216-2, EN 60811-501, IEC 60811-505, EN 60811-403, IEC 60332-1-2:2004, IEC 61034-1, EN 60811-506, IEC 60811-507, EN 61034-2, IEC 61034-2, EN 60811-401
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 4892-1, ISO 4892-2, EN ISO 4892-2, EN ISO 4892-1, HD 60364, IEC 60364
International RelationshipsEN 50618:2014
Amended ByCorrigendum, February 2015
DescriptorsHigh-voltage equipment, Test equipment, Electrical connections, Performance, Testing conditions, Circuits, Fault currents, Power cables, Cable junctions, Electrical resistance
Title in FrenchCâbles électriques pour systèmes photovoltaïques (BT(DE/NOT)258)
Title in GermanKabel und Leitungen. Leitungen für Photovoltaik Systeme (BT(DE/NOT)258)
ISBN978 0 580 89682 8
File Size1.577 MB

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