BS EN 1090-2:2018 Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures - Part 2: Technical requirements for steel structures

BS EN 1090-2:2018

Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures. Technical requirements for steel structures

Status : Current   Published : June 2018



What is this standard about?

This is Part 2 of a five-part European standard on how to construct steel and aluminium structures. This part focuses on the technical requirements for steel structures while Part 3 deals with technical requirements for aluminium structures.

Who is this standard for?

The steel design markets and manufacturers of steel products including:

  • Consulting and design engineers
  • Architects
  • Product managers
  • Commercial directors
  • Steel producers

Why should you use this standard?

It specifies requirements for the execution of structural steelwork as structures or as manufactured components, produced from:

  • Hot rolled, structural steel products up to and including grade S700
  • Cold formed components and sheeting up to and including grade S700 (unless coming within the scope of prEN 1090-4)
  • Hot finished or cold formed austenitic, austenitic-ferritic and ferritic stainless steel products
  • Hot finished or cold formed structural hollow sections, including standard range and custom-made rolled products and hollow sections manufactured by welding

What’s changed since the last update?

The standard was systematically reviewed by technical experts to bring it up to date and in line with current industry practice and technology. 

Standard NumberBS EN 1090-2:2018
TitleExecution of steel structures and aluminium structures. Technical requirements for steel structures
Publication Date20 June 2018
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Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 508-3, EN 1994, EN 10027-2, ISO 17123, ISO 1803, ISO 7976-2, ISO 10005, EN ISO 13920, EN ISO/IEC 17020, EN 1993-1-11, EN ISO 7719, EN ISO 16228, EN ISO 4628, EN 10020, ISO/TR 20174, ISO/TR 20173, ASTM A325, EN ISO/IEC 17024, ISO 17663, EN 1991-1-6, ISO 7042, ISO 3443-1, DASt-Ri 022, EN 10079, EN ISO 10511, ISO 3443-2, ISO 9000, ISO/TR 3834-6, EN 10162, EN 12063, ISO 13920, ISO 10511, ISO 3443-3, CEN ISO/TR 3834-6, EN 12699, EN 14199, EN 13438, ECCS 79:1994, ISO 7976-1, EN 508-1, EN 1990, EN 10027-1, EN ISO 2320, ISO 2320, ISO 7040, EN ISO 17663, ISO 7719, EN 15773, EN ISO 7042, EN ISO 9000, EN 1993-5, EN ISO 7040, ISO/TR 20172
ReplacesBS EN 1090-2:2008+A1:2011
International RelationshipsEN 1090-2:2018
Draft Superseded By15/30320416 DC
DescriptorsMetal sections, Erecting (construction operation), Steels, Purchasing, Fasteners, Approval testing, Metalworking, Welded joints, Structural design, Grades (quality), Welding, Tolerances (measurement), Structures, Construction operations, Structural steels, Documents, Structural systems, Bridges, Corrosion protection, Structural members, Surface treatment, Quality control, Buildings, Inspection
Title in FrenchExécution des structures en acier et des structures en aluminium Exigences techniques pour les structures en acier
Title in GermanAusführung von Stahltragwerken und Aluminiumtragwerken Technische Regeln für die Ausführung von Stahltragwerken
ISBN978 0 580 89588 3
File Size3.09 MB

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