BS EN 61287-1:2014 - Railway applications. Power converters installed on board rolling stock. Characteristics and test methods

BS EN 61287-1:2014

Railway applications. Power converters installed on board rolling stock. Characteristics and test methods

Status : Current   Published : September 2014



This part of IEC 61287 defines terminology, service conditions, general characteristics and test methods of electronic power converters onboard of rolling stock.

This International Standard is applicable to power electronic converters mounted on board railway rolling-stock and intended for supplying

  • traction circuits;

  • auxiliary circuits of power vehicles, coaches and trailers.

The application of this standard extends as far as possible to all other traction vehicles, including trolley-buses, for example.

This standard covers the complete converter assembly together with its mounting arrangements containing

  • semiconductor device assemblies;

  • integrated cooling systems;

  • integrated components like inductors, capacitors, transformers, resistors, contactors, switches;

  • semiconductor drive units (SDU) and related sensors;

  • incorporated protection circuits.

The following types of power sources are taken into consideration:

  • AC contact lines,

  • DC contact lines,

  • on-board supplies such as generators, batteries and other electric power sources.

This standard excludes converters which provide the electronic control supply for semiconductor drive units (SDU) and other supplies relevant to the converter operation such as sensors.


Electronic control equipment of converters and those sensors not related to semiconductor drive units and the printed circuit board assemblies of semiconductor drive units (SDU) are covered by IEC 60571.


Combined tests with the whole traction system or auxiliary supply system are not within the scope of this standard. E.g. rules for combined tests of a motor fed by a converter are given in the IEC 61377 series.

Standard NumberBS EN 61287-1:2014
TitleRailway applications. Power converters installed on board rolling stock. Characteristics and test methods
Publication Date30 September 2014
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60050-551:1998, IEC 60050-811:1991, IEC 60076-10:2001, EN 60076-10:2001, IEC 60077-1:1999, EN 60077-1:2002, IEC 60270, EN 60270, IEC 60310, EN 60310, IEC 60322, EN 60322, IEC 60349-1, EN 60349-1, IEC 60349-2, EN 60349-2, IEC 60349-4, EN 60349-4, IEC 60384-4, EN 60384-4, IEC 60529, EN 60529, IEC 60571, IEC 60721-3-5, EN 60721-3-5, IEC 60747, EN 60747, IEC 60850, IEC 61148, EN 61148, IEC 61373, EN 61373, IEC 61881, EN 61881, IEC 61991, IEC 62236-3-1, IEC 62236-3-2, IEC 62278, IEC 62497-1:2010, IEC 62497-1:2010/A1:2013, IEC 62498-1:2010
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60050-151:2001, IEC 60050-702:1992, IEC 60112, IEC 60146-1-1, IEC 60216, IEC 60384-1, IEC 60587, IEC 60664-1:2007, IEC 60747-15, IEC 61377-1, IEC 61377-2, IEC 61377-3, IEC 62520, IEEE 1476, CLC/TS 50535, EN 60112, EN 60146-1-1, EN 60216, EN 60384-1, EN 60587, EN 60664-1:2007, EN 60747-15, EN 61377-1, EN 61377-2, EN 61377-3, EN 62520
ReplacesBS EN 61287-1:2006
International RelationshipsEN 61287-1:2014,IEC 61287-1:2014
Amended ByCorrigendum, December 2014.
Draft Superseded By13/30264553 DC
DescriptorsElectric convertors, Railway vehicles, Electrical equipment, Electronic equipment and components, Railway vehicle components, Railway equipment, Alternating current, Direct current, Semiconductor devices, Trolley buses, Railway coaches, Railway wagons, Railway electric traction equipment Railway applications
Title in FrenchApplications ferroviaires. Convertisseurs de puissance embarqués sur le matériel roulant. Caractéristiques et méthodes d'essais
Title in GermanBahnanwendungen. Stromrichter auf Bahnfahrzeugen. Eigenschaften und Prüfverfahren
ISBN978 0 580 89196 0
File Size1.413 MB

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