PD IEC TS 62738:2018 - Ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants. Design guidelines and recommendations

PD IEC TS 62738:2018

Ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants. Design guidelines and recommendations

Status : Current   Published : August 2018



IEC TS 62738:2018(E) sets out general guidelines and recommendations for the design and installation of ground-mounted photovoltaic (PV) power plants. A PV power plant is defined within this document as a grid-connected, ground-mounted system comprising multiple PV arrays and interconnected directly to a utility’s medium voltage or high voltage grid. Additional criteria is that PV power plants are restricted from access by non-qualified persons and are continuously monitored for safety and protection, either by on-site personnel or by active remote monitoring. Technical areas addressed are those that largely distinguish PV power plants from smaller, more conventional installations, including ground mounted array configurations, cable routing methods, cable selection, overcurrent protection strategies, equipotential bonding over large geographical areas, and equipment considerations. Safety and design requirements are referenced to the applicable requirements of IEC 62548 to address distinct differences relative to the design requirements for residential, commercial and other non-power plant applications.

Standard NumberPD IEC TS 62738:2018
TitleGround-mounted photovoltaic power plants. Design guidelines and recommendations
Publication Date22 August 2018
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International RelationshipsIEC TS 62738:2018
DescriptorsSolar energy electric power stations, Photovoltaic cells, Power plants (electric), Design, Power transformers
ISBN978 0 580 88259 3
File Size1.604 MB

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