BS EN IEC 60812:2018 Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA and FMECA)
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BS EN IEC 60812:2018

Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA and FMECA)

Status : Current, Under review   Published : October 2018



What is this standard about?

It describes how to perform a systematic failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA). An analysis of this kind establishes how an item or process might fail to perform its function and suggests how an identified failure might be treated or remedied.

Also covered in this standard is failure modes, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA) which is when failure modes are prioritized to support decisions about treatment.

Who is this standard for?

Applicable in all workplace environments, primary users will be those leading or participating in FMEA. They will generally be anyone in industry who is involved in design, development, quality or reliability, including analysts, managers and stakeholders.

Why should you use this standard?

It explains how failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) is planned, performed, documented and maintained. It includes the failure modes, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA) variant.

The document supplies general guidance which:

a)       Describes the principles

b)      Provides the steps in analysis

c)       Gives examples of the documentation

d)      Provides example applications

The FMEA and FMECA processes support decisions that reduce the likelihood of failures and their effects in hardware, software, processes, human action and their interfaces, in any combination.

They can contribute to improved outcomes either directly or through other analyses. Such improved outcomes include, but are not limited to:

  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced procurement and operating costs
  • Enhanced business reputation

What’s changed since the last update?

This is a full revision of the 2006 standard to bring it up to date. It includes the following significant technical changes:

a)       The normative text is generic and covers all applications

b)      Examples of applications for safety, automotive, software and (service) processes have been added as informative annexes

c)       Tailoring the FMEA for different applications is described

d)      Different reporting formats are described, including a database information system

e)      Alternative means of calculating risk priority numbers (RPN) have been added

f)        A criticality matrix based method has been added

g)       The relationship to other dependability analysis methods has been described

Standard NumberBS EN IEC 60812:2018
TitleFailure modes and effects analysis (FMEA and FMECA)
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date15 October 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60050-192
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 9000, EN 62308, ISO 13849-1, EN 61709, IEC 61078, IEC 62061, IEC/ISO 31010, EN 60300-3-12, IEC 61709, IEC 60300-3-1, EN 62740, EN 61508 series, EN 60300-1, IEC 61508 (all parts), IEC 62308, IEC 62741, EN 62502, IEC 62740, ISO 31000, IEC 62551, EN 60300-3-1, IEC 60300-3-11, IEC 60300-3-12, IEC/TR 63039, EN 13306:2010, ISO Guide 73:2009, ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015, EN ISO 9000, EN 61078, IEC 62508, IEC 60300-1, ISO 55000, IEC 62502, EN 62551, EN 61165, IEC 61165, EN 62741, IEC 60050-191, IEC 61025, EN 60300-3-11, EN ISO 13849-1, EN 62061, EN 61025, EN 62508
ReplacesBS EN 60812:2006
International RelationshipsEN 61753-131-3:2011,EN IEC 60812:2018,IEC 60812:2018
Draft Superseded By17/30310522 DC
DescriptorsReliability, Systems analysis, Failure (quality control), Quality assurance, Terotechnology, Tables (data), Process control, Systemology, Statistical quality control, Quality control, Quality assurance systems
Title in FrenchAnalyse des modes de défaillance et de leurs effets (AMDE et AMDEC)
Title in GermanAusfalleffektanalyse (FMEA und FMECA)
ISBN978 0 580 87537 3
File Size2.042 MB

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