BS ISO 18400-104:2018 Soil quality. Sampling. Strategies

BS ISO 18400-104:2018

Soil quality. Sampling. Strategies

Status : Current   Published : November 2018



What is this standard about?

This document gives general guidance on the development of site investigation strategies and detailed guidance on the development of sampling strategies, when collecting information on

— the average properties of soil,

— the variability of soil properties, and

— the spatial distribution of soil properties.

It is applicable to soil samples intended for chemical testing and determination of a variety of other properties (e.g. physical).

Although the main focus of this document is the collection of material (field samples) for transfer to a laboratory for testing, it is also applicable when measurements are made directly in the field.

NOTE 1 This document also provides information on the statistical principles underlying the development of appropriate sampling strategies and statistical methodologies.

NOTE 2 Guidance on other forms of related sampling activities are given in other International Standards [for soil gas (ISO18400-204) and for biological testing purposes (ISO18400-206)]. Guidance on sampling groundwater is provided in ISO 5667-11 and ISO 5667-22 and on sampling methods and groundwater measurements in geotechnical investigations in ISO 22475-1.

Standard NumberBS ISO 18400-104:2018
TitleSoil quality. Sampling. Strategies
Publication Date07 November 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 18400-201, ISO 11074, ISO 11464, ISO 18400-202
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 18400-206, ISO 18400-102, CEN/TR 15310-4:2006, ISO 18400-205, ISO 5667-22, ISO 12404, ISO 15176, ISO 18400-101, ISO 18400-106, ISO 16133, CEN/TR 15310-3:2006, ISO 18400-107, ISO 14688-1, CEN/TR 15310-2:2006, ISO 18400-103, CEN/TR 15310-1:2006, ISO 18400-203, ISO 15799, ISO 15175, ISO 15800, ISO 10381-6, ISO 18400-105, ISO 22475-1, ISO 18512, ISO 19258, ISO 11504, ISO 18400-100, ISO 18400-204, CEN/TR 15310-5:2006, ISO 5667-11, EN 14899:2005
ReplacesBS ISO 10381-1:2002, BS ISO 10381-6:2009
International RelationshipsISO 18400-104:2018
Draft Superseded By16/30310185 DC
DescriptorsIdentification methods, Quality, Soil testing, Invertebrates, Soil pollution, Test specimens, Soil sampling, Ecology, Soils, Sampling methods, Biological analysis and testing, Nematoda
Title in FrenchQualité du sol. Échantillonnage Stratégies
ISBN978 0 580 87481 9
File Size171.8 MB

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