BS EN 12080:2017 - Railway applications. Axleboxes. Rolling bearings

BS EN 12080:2017

Railway applications. Axleboxes. Rolling bearings

Status : Work in hand, Current   Published : September 2017



This European Standard specifies the quality parameters of axlebox rolling bearings supporting the load of the vehicle, required for reliable operation of trains on European networks. It covers metallurgical and material properties as well as geometric and dimensional characteristics. It also defines methods for quality assurance and conditions for approval of the products.

Standard NumberBS EN 12080:2017
TitleRailway applications. Axleboxes. Rolling bearings
StatusWork in hand, Current
Publication Date22 September 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN ISO 1172:2003, EN 12081:2017, EN ISO 2639:2002, ISO 9934-2:2015, EN ISO 1183-1:2012, EN ISO 178:2010, ISO 6508-1:2016, EN ISO 9934-1:2016, ISO 178:2010, ISO 281:2007, EN ISO 6508-3:2015, ISO 6507-1:2005, ISO 3059:2012, EN ISO 1183-2:2004, ISO 9934-3:2015, EN ISO 683-17:2014, ISO 4967:2013, ISO 683-17:2014, EN ISO 9934-2:2015, ISO 1183-1:2012, ISO 3451-1:2008, ISO 11357-3:2011, ISO 179-1:2010, ISO 6508-3:2015, EN 15663:2017, EN ISO 9934-3:2015, EN 10204:2004, EN ISO 3059:2012, ISO 6508-2:2015, EN ISO 307:2007, EN 13018:2016, EN ISO 11357-3:2013, EN ISO 179-1:2010, ISO 1183-2:2004, EN ISO 3451-1:2008, ISO 2639:2002, EN 12082:2017, EN ISO 6508-1:2016, EN ISO 6508-2:2015, ISO 9934-1:2016, EN ISO 6507-1:2005, ISO 492:2014, ISO 1172:1996, ASTM E45:2014
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 9001:2015, ISO 9712:2012, EN ISO 2039-1:2003, EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 9712:2012, ISO 6721-1:2011, EN ISO 6721-1:2002, EN 10247:2007, ASTM E975 - 13, ISO 2039-1:2001 Ed 3
ReplacesBS EN 12080:2007+A1:2010
International RelationshipsEN 12080:2017
Draft Superseded By15/30304304 DC
DescriptorsSteels, Records (documents), Packaging, Test equipment, Strength of materials, Acceptance (approval), Cages (bearing components), Heat treatment, Consumer-supplier relations, Bend testing, Hardness, Grades (quality), Calibration, Inspection, Ultrasonic testing, Railway vehicle components, Sampling methods, Axle boxes, Railway vehicles, Corrosion protection, Ordering, Railway equipment, Surface defects, Delivery, Bearings, Magnetic-particle flaw detection, Marking, Polymers, Eddy-current tests, Inclusions, Approval testing, Rolling bearings
Title in FrenchApplications ferroviaires. Boîtes d'essieux. Roulements
Title in GermanBahnanwendungen. Radsatzlager. Wälzlager
ISBN978 0 580 87240 2
File Size8.353 MB

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