BS EN ISO 19107:2019 - Geographic information. Spatial schema

BS EN ISO 19107:2019

Geographic information. Spatial schema

Status : Current   Published : January 2020



This document specifies conceptual schemas for describing the spatial characteristics of geographic entities, and a set of spatial operations consistent with these schemas. It treats "vector" geometry and topology. It defines standard spatial operations for use in access, query, management, processing and data exchange of geographic information for spatial (geometric and topological) objects. Because of the nature of geographic information, these geometric coordinate spaces will normally have up to three spatial dimensions, one temporal dimension and any number of other spatially dependent parameters as needed by the applications. In general, the topological dimension of the spatial projections of the geometric objects will be at most three.

Standard NumberBS EN ISO 19107:2019
TitleGeographic information. Spatial schema
Publication Date08 January 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 19111, ISO 19108, ISO/IEC 19505-2:2012, ISO 19109, ISO 19103, ISO/IEC 11404:2007
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEEE 754, OGC 11 052r4, ISO 19136-2:2015, ISO 19125-1:2004, ISO/IEC 13249-3:2016, ISO 19107:2003, ISO 19136:2007, ISO 19162:2015, ISO 19125-2:2004, ISO 19141:2008, ISO 19148:2012, ISO 80000-2:2009, ISO 19118:2011, ISO 19101-1:2014
ReplacesBS EN ISO 19107:2005
International RelationshipsEN ISO 19107:2019,ISO 19107:2019
DescriptorsData processing, Geography, Data transfer, Cartography, Data representation, Coordinates (geography), Information exchange, Geometry
Title in FrenchInformation géographique. Schéma spatial
Title in GermanGeoinformation. Raumbezugsschema
ISBN978 0 580 87054 5
File Size7.655 MB

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