BS EN 16774:2016 - Safety of machinery. Safety requirements for steel converter and associated equipment

BS EN 16774:2016

Safety of machinery. Safety requirements for steel converter and associated equipment

Status : Current   Published : May 2016



This European Standard applies for steel converter and its associated equipment (hereinafter referred to as converter plant) used in the process of carbon or stainless steel making as defined in 3.1 and illustrated in Annex B. This European Standard deals with significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to the converter plant. It covers the intended use and foreseeable misuse. This European Standard specifies the safety requirements to be met during transport, assembly, commissioning, operation, maintenance (as described in Clause 5) and decommissioning/disassembly of the equipment. This European Standard applies to: Steel converter and its associated equipment for the oxygen steelmaking process - from hot metal/liquid steel and scrap charging; - via oxygen refining and stirring; - temperature measurement and sampling equipment; - up to tapping including slag retaining device; - cooling systems; - maintenance devices (e.g. relining device, tap hole repair device); - process related interfaces/interactions (e.g. according to design, controls) to - media, - primary and secondary gas cleaning plant, - material feeding systems and ladle alloying systems, - transfer cars for steel ladle and slag pot, and - charging/tapping equipment, e.g. crane, scrap chute, ladles and slag pots. This European Standard does not cover safety requirements for: - usage of process media other than oxygen, nitrogen, argon and compressed air; - primary and secondary gas cleaning plants; - measuring devices with radioactive sources; - material feeding systems and ladle alloying systems; - transfer cars for steel ladle and slag pot; - charging/tapping and de-slagging equipment, e.g. crane, scrap chutes, ladles and slag pots; - auxiliary winches and hoists. NOTE 1 For variations of converter process where other gases and media, e.g. hydrocarbons, fuels, steam, etc. are used, additional safety measures have to be considered which are not covered in this safety standard This European Standard is not applicable to converter plant, manufactured before the date of publication of this standard in the Official Journal (OJ). NOTE 2 In case of revamping, this European Standard can be used as a guideline for the specific parts to be revamped.

Standard NumberBS EN 16774:2016
TitleSafety of machinery. Safety requirements for steel converter and associated equipment
Publication Date31 May 2016
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Informative References(Provided for Information)EN ISO 11688-2, EN 61511-1, ISO 11691, ISO 11546-1, ISO 11820, EN ISO 11821, EN ISO 11691, EN ISO 11546-1, EN ISO 11820, IEC 61511-1, ISO 11821, ISO/TR 11688-2, 2006/42/EC
International RelationshipsEN 16774:2016
Draft Superseded By14/30302903 DC
DescriptorsEquipment safety, High-carbon steels, Steels, Safety engineering, Convertors (metals), Unalloyed steels, Steelmaking, Carbon, Stainless steels, Hazards, Occupational safety, Low-carbon steels, Steel convertors
Title in FrenchSécurité des machines. Prescriptions de sécurité pour les convertisseurs d'acier et les équipements associés
Title in GermanSicherheit von Maschinen. Sicherheitsanforderungen an Stahlkonverter und zugehörige Einrichtungen
ISBN978 0 580 86973 0
File Size2.149 MB

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