PD 60417 SNAPSHOT:2014 Graphical symbols for use on equipment

PD 60417 SNAPSHOT:2013

Graphical symbols for use on equipment

Status : Current   Published : June 2014



What is this published document about?

In 1999, the IEC stopped printing its reference standard on the graphical symbols for use on electrical equipment, and introduced an online database instead. This is accessed by subscription only. It is cost effective for frequent users, but an expensive approach for people who don’t need to access the symbols very often. 

As an alternative, PD 60417 SNAPSHOT was produced. It takes the form of a one-off PDF download obtained with a single purchase. It supplies a ‘snapshot’ of all the symbols in the IEC database at the time of publication.

Who is this published document for?

  • Manufacturers of electrical equipment
  • Designers, suppliers and testers of electrical equipment
  • Purchasers, distributors and importers of electrical equipment
  • Retailers and users
  • Technical writers who prepare user and technical manuals
  • Companies and developers of software packages that prepare documentation or drawings (such as CAD)

Why should you use this published document? 

The document includes the universal symbols required for use on electrical equipment, covering the symbols and hazard warnings required. Text is included which gives guidance on the use of the symbols. As such it will be of prime interest to designers and manufacturers of a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment, both consumer and industrial. 

The document provides subscription-free access to:

  • A portable library of symbols and hazard warnings for equipment
  • A general indication of function or purpose for controls on equipment
  • A self-contained resource that can be used even when ‘off-line’
  • Easy copying of the symbols
  • Easy transfer of symbols to other documents

The PDF format also allows users to search for the symbols required, quickly and easily. 

The symbols (and their descriptive text) may be down loaded in *.PDF format – in the same format when accessed via the IEC database proper – and imported into CAD by saving the down loaded PDF in *.TIFF  format;  (Adobe reader packages have this option as standard). The .TIFF file can often be imported into CAD systems.

NOTE: It’s intended that PD 60417 SS is renewed from time to time to reflect changes in the database; however the IEC database is and will remain the prime source. This ‘snapshot’ will not reflect changes made to the IEC after its publication date.

Standard NumberPD 60417 SNAPSHOT:2013
TitleGraphical symbols for use on equipment
Publication Date30 June 2014
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
International RelationshipsIEC 60417 DB SNAPSHOT:2013
DescriptorsGraphic symbols, Symbols, Marks, Marking, Electrical equipment, Electrical components, Electronic equipment and components, Identification methods, Packaging, Instructions for use, Classification systems, Lines (geometry), Shape, Designations, Electrical safety, Battery-powered devices, Sound generators, Switches, Acoustic equipment, Audio equipment, Radio equipment, Television equipment, Colour television, Recording equipment, Audio amplifiers, Magnetic tape equipment, Radar equipment, Marine navigation, Underwater communication, Radio direction-finding, Laundry equipment, Dishwashing machines, Video recording, Telecommunication, Domestic electrical installations, Electrical household appliances, Electrical medical equipment
ISBN978 0 580 86537 4
File Size2.727 MB

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