BS EN 16738:2015 - Emission safety of combustible air fresheners. Test methods

BS EN 16738:2015

Emission safety of combustible air fresheners. Test methods

Status : Current, Under review   Published : November 2015



This European standard specifies a test method for the determination of emissions resulting from the use of combustible air fresheners into indoor air by means of chamber operation according to EN ISO 16000‑9.

This standard defines specific testing conditions for the measurement of the emissions from combustible air fresheners which minimize the effect of the testing on the combustion process.

This standard provides a measurement method for the determination of the following non-exhaustive list of target substances emitted directly from the burning process:

  • VOC;

  • Benzene;

  • Naphthalene;

  • Formaldehyde.

The measurement method can allow the determination of other substances.

This standard provides additional information on the optional measurement of the following substances:

  • SO 2;

  • NO x;

  • CO.

This standard is not suitable for the quantitative determination of particulate matter.

This standard does not apply to non-combustible air fresheners and loose incenses.

Any scented candle with burning time shorter than 2,5 h is outside the scope of the standard.

Standard NumberBS EN 16738:2015
TitleEmission safety of combustible air fresheners. Test methods
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date30 November 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 15426:2018, BS EN 15426:2018, EN 15058, EN 14792, ISO 16000-3, EN ISO 16000-9, EN ISO 16017-1, EN 14212, EN 14626, ISO 16000-9, EN 14211, ISO 16000-6, EN 14789, EN 717-1, ISO 16017-1
Informative References(Provided for Information)ASTM D3824-12, ASTM D6196-03:2009, ASTM D5197-09e1, ISO 16000-15, EN ISO 16000-12, EN ISO 16000-15, ASTM D3162-12, ASTM D1607-91:2011, ASTM D6522-11, ISO 16000-12, ISO 6768, CEN/TS 16516:2013, ISO 7996:1985
International RelationshipsEN 16738:2015
Draft Superseded By14/30298789 DC
DescriptorsCombustibility, Emission measurement, Air, Test methods, Risk assessment, Emission, Air pollution, Emission measuring instruments, Safety
Title in FrenchSécurité des émissions des désodorisants à combustion. Méthodes d'essais
Title in GermanEmissionssicherheit brennbarer Lufterfrischer. Testverfahren
ISBN978 0 580 86158 1
File Size1.027 MB

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