BS EN 62040-5-3:2017 - Uninterruptible power systems (UPS). DC output UPS. Performance and test requirements

BS EN 62040-5-3:2017

Uninterruptible power systems (UPS). DC output UPS. Performance and test requirements

Status : Current, Under review   Published : February 2017



This part of IEC 62040 establishes the performance and test requirements applied to movable, stationary and fixed electronic DC uninterruptible power systems (DC UPS) that

  • are supplied from an AC voltage source not exceeding 1 000 V,

  • deliver a DC output voltage not exceeding 1 500 V,

  • incorporate an energy storage device, and

  • have a primary function to ensure continuity of DC power to loads.

This document specifies performance and test requirements of a complete DC UPS and not of individual DC UPS functional units. The individual DC UPS functional units are dealt with in IEC publications referred to in the bibliography that apply so far that they are not in contradiction with this document.

DC UPSs have been developed over a wide range of power, from less than a hundred watts to megawatts, to meet requirements for availability and quality of power to a variety of loads. Refer to Annexes A and B for information on typical DC UPS configurations and topologies.

This document also includes DC UPS performance and test requirements related to interrupters, isolating switches, and tie switches, if any, which are integral to the DC UPS. These components interact with other functional units of the DC UPS to maintain continuity of load power.

This document does not cover

  • conventional AC input distribution boards and their associated switches,

  • conventional DC distribution boards and their associated switches,

  • conventional AC UPSs covered by IEC 62040‑3,

  • low-voltage DC power supply devices covered by a specific product standard, for example IEC 61204, and those covered by a specific product standard, for example ITU communication standards, and

  • systems wherein the output voltage is derived from a rotating machine.


This document recognises that power availability to information technology (IT) equipment represents a major UPS application. The DC UPS output characteristics specified in this document are therefore also aimed at ensuring compatibility with the requirements of IT equipment. This, subject to any limitation stated in the manufacturer’s declaration, includes requirements for steady state and transient voltage variation as well as for the supply of both resistive and constant power load characteristics of IT equipment.


Test loads specified in this document simulate both resistive and constant power load characteristics. Their use is prescribed with the objective of verifying design and performance, as declared by the manufacturer, and also of minimising any complexity and energy consumption during the tests.

Standard NumberBS EN 62040-5-3:2017
TitleUninterruptible power systems (UPS). DC output UPS. Performance and test requirements
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date28 February 2017
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International RelationshipsEN 60335-2-51:2003/A1:2008,EN 62040-5-3:2017,IEC 62040-5-3:2016
Draft Superseded By14/30297921 DC
DescriptorsTesting conditions, Uninterruptible power systems, Electric power systems, Power control (electric), Performance, Electrical equipment
Title in FrenchAlimentations sans interruption (ASI). ASI à tension de sortie continue. Performances et exigences d'essai
Title in GermanUnterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgungssysteme (USV). USV mit Gleichstromausgang. Leistungs- und Prüfungsanforderungen
ISBN978 0 580 85968 7
File Size2.623 MB

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