BS EN 1473:2016 - Installation and equipment for liquefied natural gas. Design of onshore installations

BS EN 1473:2016

Installation and equipment for liquefied natural gas. Design of onshore installations

Status : Current, Work in hand   Published : May 2016



This European Standard gives guidelines for the design, construction and operation of all onshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) installations for the liquefaction, storage, vaporization, transfer and handling of LNG. This European Standard is valid for plants with LNG storage at pressure lower than 0.5 barg and capacity above 200 t and for the following plant types: - LNG liquefaction installations (plant), between the designated gas inlet boundary limit, and the outlet boundary limit which is usually the ship manifold and/or truck delivery station when applicable; feed gas can be from gas field, associated gas from oil field, piped gas from transportation grid or from renewables; - LNG regasification installations (plant), between the ship manifold and the designated gas outlet boundary limit; - peak-shaving plants, between designated gas inlet and outlet boundary limits; - the fix part of LNG bunkering station. A short description of each of these installations is given in Annex G. Floating solutions (FPSO, FSRU, SRV), whether off-shore or nearby shore, are not covered by this European Standard even if some concepts, principles or recommendations could be applied. However, in case of berthed FSRU with LNG transfer across the jetty, the following recommendations apply for the jetty and topside facilities if the jetty is located within 3 000 m from the shore line. In case of FSU type solution, the tank safety functions as defined in Clause 6 shall be checked and implemented. The on-shore part is covered by these standard recommendations. This standard is not applicable for installations not specifically referred or covered by other standards, e.g. LNG fuelling stations, LNG road or rail tankers and LNG bunkering vessels. The plants with a storage inventory from 50 t up to 200 t with tanks at a pressure higher than 0.5 barg are covered by EN 13645. For plants with a larger inventory and with storage pressure over 0.5 barg, the storage vessels shall comply with EN 13445 and their impacts on the plant safety shall be appraised during the QRA.

Standard NumberBS EN 1473:2016
TitleInstallation and equipment for liquefied natural gas. Design of onshore installations
StatusCurrent, Work in hand
Publication Date31 May 2016
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Informative References(Provided for Information)API 2218, NFPA 921, ISO 12241, GAP, API RP 520, IEC 60034-5, BS 5970, IEC 61508, EN 13645, 1999/92/EC, EN ISO 5199, EN 60079-29-1, EN 12560-6, EN 1759-1, ISO 12100, EN 823, EN 12560-5, IEC 60529, EN 12560-1, EN 12560-4, IP15:2002, ISO 9906, GAP 2.5.2, BS 6349, EN 12560-2, EN 12483, ISO 15664, EN 60529, EN ISO 9906, VDI 2055, EN 60034-5, EN ISO 12100, ISO 5199, GAP 2.5.1, EN 61800, IEC 60079-29-1, EN 12560-3, ISO/TS 16901, GAP 2.5.2 A, BS 1722-10, BS EN 13766:2018, EN 13766:2018, EN 61508, BS 6656, IEC 60364, EN ISO 12241
ReplacesBS EN 1473:2007
International RelationshipsEN 1473:2016
Draft Superseded By14/30297213 DC
DescriptorsRisk assessment, Radiative heat transfer, Quality assurance systems, Training, Measuring instruments, Liquefied natural gas, Approval testing, Classification systems, Electrical equipment, Marking, Pipework systems, Tanks (containers), Hazards, Corrosion protection, Environmental engineering, Equipment safety, Performance testing, Thermal insulation, Radiant flux density, Pumps, Installation, Fire safety, Control systems, Liquefaction of gases, Fire safety in buildings, Odours, Safety measures, Firefighting equipment, Detectors, Fuel storage, Acceptance (approval), Occupational safety, Vaporization, Materials handling, Natural gas
Title in FrenchInstallations et équipements de gaz naturel liquéfié. Conception des installations terrestres
Title in GermanAnlagen und Ausrüstung für Flüssigerdgas. Auslegung von landseitigen Anlagen
ISBN978 0 580 85804 8
File Size2.909 MB

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