BS EN 15002:2015 - Characterization of waste. Preparation of test portions from the laboratory sample

BS EN 15002:2015

Characterization of waste. Preparation of test portions from the laboratory sample

Status : Current, Under review   Published : April 2015



This European Standard is applicable for the preparation of representative test portions from the laboratory sample that has been taken according to the sampling plan ( EN 14899), prior to physical and/or chemical analysis (e.g. preparation of eluates, extractions, digestion and/or analytical determinations) of solid (including monolithic material) and liquid samples and sludge. It is also applicable for the preparation of test portions from digests and eluates for the subsequent analyses.

This European Standard is intended to find the correct sequence of operations and treatments to be applied to the laboratory sample in order to obtain suitable test portions in compliance with the specific requirements defined in the corresponding analytical procedures.

Standard NumberBS EN 15002:2015
TitleCharacterization of waste. Preparation of test portions from the laboratory sample
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date30 April 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)CEN/TR 15310-1, ISO 10381-7, ISO 9562, EN ISO 10304-1, CEN/TS 15864, EN 1484, ISO 14403-2, CEN/TR 15310-2, EN ISO 5667-15, EN ISO 5667-3, EN ISO 12846, EN 12457-4, ISO 22155:2011, ISO 10304-1, EN ISO 14402, EN 13137, ISO 14507:2003, EN ISO 14403-1, EN ISO 11885, ISO 8288, EN ISO 11074, EN ISO 11969, ISO 11464, ISO 11465, EN 12457-1, EN 27888, EN ISO 13395, ISO 10381-6, EN ISO 14403-2, ISO 14402, ISO 13395, EN 15308, EN ISO 11732, ISO 11885, ISO 11969, CEN/TR 15310-4, CEN/TS 15862, EN ISO 10523, EN 14582, ISO 12846, EN ISO 22155:2013, ISO 5667-3, ISO 7150-1:1984, ISO 6703-2:1984, EN 12457-2:2002, ISO 5664:1984, ISO 6777:1984, ISO 6439, ISO 7888:1985, ISO 565, ISO 11074, EN ISO 9562, CEN/TR 15310-5, ISO 10359-1, EN 15192, EN 14346, ISO 10382, EN 15309, EN 13656, EN 14997, EN 14899, ISO 5667-15, EN 14345, ISO 10523, EN 16192, EN 26777, EN 15863, CEN/TR 15310-3, ISO 13877, EN 14039, EN 12457-3, EN 15169, ISO 11083, ISO 14403-1, ISO 11732, EN 13657, CEN/TS 14405
ReplacesBS EN 15002:2006
International RelationshipsEN 15002:2015
Draft Superseded By13/30291099 DC
DescriptorsWastes, Test specimens, Physical property measurement, Specimen preparation, Test equipment, Laboratory testing, Chemical analysis and testing, Sludge, Sampling methods
Title in FrenchCaractérisation des déchets. Préparation de prises d'essai à partir de l'échantillon pour laboratoire
Title in GermanCharakterisierung von Abfällen. Herstellung von Prüfmengen aus der Laborprobe
ISBN978 0 580 84521 5
File Size1.425 MB

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