BS EN 15824:2017 - Specifications for external renders and internal plasters based on organic binders

BS EN 15824:2017

Specifications for external renders and internal plasters based on organic binders

Status : Current   Published : September 2017



This European Standard is applicable to factory-made renders and plasters based on organic binders used for external or internal covering on walls, columns, partitions and ceilings. The products are manufactured in paste form, ready to use, or in powder form. This European Standard is also applicable to renders and plasters with inorganic binders such as silicates, silanes, siloxanes and silicones. Renders and plasters can form the final surface of the structure, textured or not, or they can provide a levelling of the substrate, adequately smooth for subsequent decorative treatments. This European Standard contains definitions and final performance requirements. It includes relevant characteristic categories to designate renders and plasters. This European Standard provides for the assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP) of the product to this European Standard. The marking requirement for products covered by this European Standard is included. This European Standard is not applicable to coating materials and coating systems according to EN 1062-1 and EN 13300. This European Standard does not contain recommendations for the design and application of renders and plasters. However, this European Standard may be used for definition of renders and plasters in conjunction with codes of application and national specifications for execution of works.

Standard NumberBS EN 15824:2017
TitleSpecifications for external renders and internal plasters based on organic binders
Publication Date20 September 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 13687-3:2002, EN 13820:2003, EN 1062-3:2008, EN ISO 7783-1 (ISO 7783-1:1996 Adopted), EN 1745:2012, EN 1015-2:1998, ISO 15528:2013, EN 1542:1999, ISO 7783:2011 Ed 1, EN 13501-1:2007, EN ISO 15528 (ISO 15528:2013) AS
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 9001:2015, EN 13300:2001, CEN/TR 16886:2016, EN ISO 9001 (ISO 9001:2015) AS, EN 1062-1:2004
ReplacesBS EN 15824:2009
International RelationshipsEN 15824:2017
DescriptorsTesting, Conformity, Render, Pastes, Plasters, Aggregates, Wall coverings, Construction materials, Designations, Particulate materials, Quality control, Wall coatings, Binding agents
Title in FrenchSpécifications pour enduits de maçonnerie organiques extérieurs et intérieurs
Title in GermanFestlegungen für Außen- und Innenputze mit organischen Bindemitteln
ISBN978 0 580 84517 8
File Size640 KB

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