PD CEN/TR 16690:2014 - Electronic fee collection. Guidelines for EFC applications based on in-vehicle ITS stations

PD CEN/TR 16690:2014

Electronic fee collection. Guidelines for EFC applications based on in-vehicle ITS stations

Status : Current   Published : July 2014



This Technical Report (TR) contains an analysis of the technical and operational feasibility of using a generic ITS Station as specified in ETSI EN 302 665, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS); Communications Architecture, for EFC applications compliant to the requirements specified in ISO 17573, EN ISO 12855, CEN ISO/TS 17575 (all parts), EN ISO 14906, EN 15509, CEN ISO/TS 12813, CEN ISO/TS 13141 and CEN/TS 16439. The scope of this Technical Report includes: - description of the context of Cooperative ITS and the ITS Stations; - providing details of the context of EFC applications; - outlining the basic architectural concepts and role model of both EFC and Cooperative ITS; - identification of core requirement areas for operation of an EFC application on an ITS Station; - specification of a set of recommendations for functional, operational and security requirements to the ITS Station supporting the EFC application(s); - description of a possible role model in which the roles known in EFC applications make use of the roles in the C-ITS system in order to provide EFC services in an C-ITS context; - provision of considerations in particular areas of EFC like certification and governances; - guideless and recommendations for further standardization work in this area; - emphasising on security related elements of EFC that need to be considered in a C-ITS environment. The scope of this Technical Report is limited to in-vehicle ITS Stations. However, an EFC service always requires the involvement of in-vehicle and central functionalities. Furthermore, for enforcement purposes as well as in DSRC based toll domains for toll charging purposes also, it is essential that road-side based functions are provided and operated. In order to facilitate EFC services a set of functionalities, tasks and responsibilities are defined and specified in an EFC role model (ISO 17573). These functionalities, tasks and responsibilities are shared between the roles Toll Charger, Toll Service Provider, Road User and Interoperability Management. All these roles interact with each other. As a consequence this Technical Report provides in various areas explanations that are beyond the in-vehicle environment. This is required in order to present the full environment and context. It keeps the readability of this document at a sound level and provides valuable information to those readers which are not yet familiar with EFC in detail. Outside the scope of this Technical Report is: - detailed technical specifications for EFC services and applications on C-ITS systems; - implementation specific elements.

Standard NumberPD CEN/TR 16690:2014
TitleElectronic fee collection. Guidelines for EFC applications based on in-vehicle ITS stations
Publication Date31 July 2014
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 15509, CEN ISO/TS 12813, ISO/TS 12813, EN ISO 12855:2012, ISO 12855:2012, CEN ISO/TS 13141, ISO/TS 13141, EN ISO 14906, ISO 14906, CEN ISO/TS 17575-1:2010, ISO/TS 17575-1:2010, CEN ISO/TS 17575-2, ISO/TS 17575-2, CEN ISO/TS 17575-3:2011, ISO/TS 17575-3:2011, CEN ISO/TS 17575-4:2011, ISO/TS 17575-4:2011, ISO 17573:2010
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 12253, EN 12795, EN 12834, CEN/TR 16219, CEN/TS 16439:2013, prCEN ISO/TS 17419, prCEN ISO/TS 17423, prCEN ISO/TS 17427, EN ISO/TS 17574, ISO/TS 17574, ETSI/TS 102 486, ETSI/TR 102 638, ETSI/TS 102 731, ETSI/TS 102 792, ETSI/TS 102 940, ETSI/TS 102 941, ETSI/TS 102 942, ETSI/TS 102 943, ETSI EN 302 663, ETSI EN 302 665 V1.1.1:2010, ISO/IEC 10746, ISO/TR 12859, ISO/IEC 15408, ISO/DTR 17465, ISO 21210, ISO 21212, ISO 21213, ISO 21214, ISO 21215, ISO 21217:2010, ISO 21218, ISO 24102-4, ISO 24102-5, ISO 29281-1, COM(2008) 886, IEEE 802.11, IEEE 1609.4, 85/374/EEC, 95/46/EC, 2002/58/EC, 2004/52/EC, 2008/671/EC, 2009/750/EC, 2010/40/EU, 2011/76/EU, M/453
International RelationshipsCEN/TR 16690:2014
DescriptorsRoad transport, Traffic control, Traffic, Road vehicles, Toll systems, Electronic equipment and components, Data processing, Data transmission, Information exchange, Data transfer, Interfaces (data processing), Application layer (OSI), Data security, Radiocommunication, Interoperability
Title in FrenchPerception de télépéage. Lignes directrices pour les applications de télépéage installées dans les stations de systèmes de transport intelligents (ITS) embarquées dans les véhicules
Title in GermanElektronische Gebührenerhebung. Richtlinien für Anwendungen der Elektronischen Gebührenerhebung basierend auf fahrzeuginternen IVS Geräten
ISBN978 0 580 84414 0
File Size3.811 MB

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