PD CEN/TS 13714:2013 - Characterization of sludges. Sludge management in relation to use or disposal

PD CEN/TS 13714:2013

Characterization of sludges. Sludge management in relation to use or disposal

Status : Current, Confirmed   Published : September 2013



This Technical Specification gives guidance for dealing with the production and control of sludge in relation to inputs and treatment and gives a strategic evaluation of recovery, recycling and disposal options for sludge according to its properties and the availability of outlets. This Technical Specification is applicable for sludges from: - storm water handling; - night soil; - urban wastewater collecting systems; - urban wastewater treatment plants; - treating industrial wastewater similar to urban wastewater (as defined in Directive 91/271/EC [1]); - water supply treatment plants; but excluding hazardous sludges from industry.

Standard NumberPD CEN/TS 13714:2013
TitleCharacterization of sludges. Sludge management in relation to use or disposal
StatusCurrent, Confirmed
Publication Date30 September 2013
Confirm Date05 August 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 12832:1999, EN 1085:2007
Informative References(Provided for Information)CEN/TR 15126, 86/278/EEC, 82/176/EEC, 84/156/EEC, 82/242/EEC, 91/271/EC, CEN/TR 13983, 2008/105/EC, 86/280/EEC, EN 12255-8, CEN/TR 15809, 73/404/EEC, 84/491/EEC, CEN/TR 13768, 67/548/EEC, 91/156/EEC, 73/405/EEC, 2000/60/EC, 75/442/EEC, 83/513/EEC, CEN/TR 15473, CEN/TR 13097, prCEN/TR 16456, 82/243/EEC, 2006/11/EC, CEN/TR 13767, CEN/TR 15584
ReplacesPD CEN/TR 13714:2010
International RelationshipsCEN/TS 13714:2013
DescriptorsWater treatment, Waste disposal, Sewage treatment, Sewage engineering, Sludge, Agriculture, Recycling, Industrial water pollutants, Energy sources, Pollution control, Sewage
Title in FrenchCaractérisation des boues. Gestion des boues en vue de leur valorisation ou de leur élimination
Title in GermanCharakterisierung von Schlämmen. Management von Schlamm zur Verwertung oder Beseitigung
ISBN978 0 580 83995 5
File Size681 KB

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