BS EN 1396:2015 - Aluminium and aluminium alloys. Coil coated sheet and strip for general applications. Specifications
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BS EN 1396:2015

Aluminium and aluminium alloys. Coil coated sheet and strip for general applications. Specifications

Status : Current, Under review   Published : April 2015



This European Standard specifies the particular requirements for wrought aluminium and wrought aluminium alloys in the form of coil coated sheet and strip for general applications. This product is generally supplied in thicknesses up to 3,0 mm.

It applies to cold-rolled aluminium and aluminium alloy strip coated by the coil coating process both with liquid as well as with powder paints, either in the final width or slit afterwards, and to sheet obtained from such strip.

It does not apply to coil coated sheet and strip used for special applications such as cans, closures and lids which are dealt with in separate EN 541.

Standard NumberBS EN 1396:2015
TitleAluminium and aluminium alloys. Coil coated sheet and strip for general applications. Specifications
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date30 April 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 6272-2, EN 485-1, EN ISO 6270-1, EN 13523-2, EN ISO 1520, EN 13523-4, EN 13523-19, EN 13523-3, EN 13523-6, EN ISO 6892-1:2009, EN 13523-10, EN 573-3, ISO 6270-1, EN ISO 6272-1, EN ISO 4628-2, ISO 6272-1, EN 515, EN 485-4, EN 13523-7, ISO 6892-1:2009, EN ISO 6272-2, EN 13523-1, EN 13523-22, EN 13523-21:2017, ISO 4628-2, EN 13523-8:2017, ISO 1520, EN 12258-1:2012
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 4628-5, ISO 4628-4, ISO 1519, ISO 1520, ISO 4628-2, ISO 7253, ISO 6272-1, ASTM D 660, EN 3665, EN 541, EN ISO 6270-1, EN ISO 6272-1, EN ISO 1043-1, EN ISO 7253, EN ISO 1520, EN ISO 6272-2, EN ISO 4628-2, ISO 4628-6, ISO 6270-1, ISO 6272-2, ISO 1043-1, ISO 4623-2, EN ISO 1519, EN ISO 4628-5, EN ISO 4628-4, EN ISO 4628-6
ReplacesBS EN 1396:2007
International RelationshipsEN 1396:2015
Draft Superseded By13/30286946 DC
DescriptorsFlexibility, Storage, Mechanical properties of materials, Marking, Classification systems, Joining processes, Adhesion tests, Plastic coatings, Packaging, Corrosion tests, Proof stress, Colour, Dimensions, Coatings, Delivery, Thickness, Elongation, Dimensional tolerances, Aluminium alloys, Sheet materials, Production processes, Hardness, Adhesion, Cold-working, Environment (working), Ultraviolet radiation, Environmental testing, Corrosion resistance, Wrought alloys, Coated materials, Cutting, Inspection, Laminates, Strips, Bend testing, Tensile testing, Aluminium, Organic coatings, Tensile strength, Cleaning
Title in FrenchAluminium et alliages d'aluminium. Tôles et bandes revêtues en bobine pour applications générales. Spécifications
Title in GermanAluminium und Aluminiumlegierungen. Bandbeschichtete Bleche und Bänder für allgemeine Anwendungen. Spezifikationen
ISBN978 0 580 83721 0
File Size1.663 MB

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