BS EN 62435-1:2017 - Electronic components. Long-term storage of electronic semiconductor devices. General

BS EN 62435-1:2017

Electronic components. Long-term storage of electronic semiconductor devices. General

Status : Current   Published : August 2017



IEC 62435-1:2017 on long-term-storage covers the terms, definitions and principles of long-term-storage that can be used in as an obsolescence mitigation strategy. Long-term storage refers to a duration that can be more than 12 months for products scheduled for long duration storage. Philosophy, good working practice, and general means to facilitate the successful long-term-storage of electronic components are also addressed.

This standard cancels and replaces IEC/PAS 62435 published in 2005. This first edition constitutes a technical revision.


Standard NumberBS EN 62435-1:2017
TitleElectronic components. Long-term storage of electronic semiconductor devices. General
Publication Date18 August 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 61340-5-1:2007, IEC 60749-20-1:2009, IEC 60749-21:2011, IEC TR 61340-5-2:2007
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 190 000:1995, IEC 62435-7, IEC 62435-9, IEC 60410:1973, IEC 60068-2-20:2008, IEC 62258-5:2006, IEC 62435-5:2017, ISO 14644-9:2012, IEC TR 62380:2004, IEC 62435-2:2017, IEC 62402:2007, IEC TR 62258-3:2010, IEC 62435-6 Ed.1.0, IEC 60068-2-17:1994, IEC TS 62668-1:2016, IEC TS 62668-2:2016, IEC TS 61945:2000, IEC 62258-2:2011, IEC 62258-1:2009
International RelationshipsEN 62435-1:2017,IEC 62435-1:2017
Draft Superseded By13/30286159 DC
DescriptorsSemiconductor technology, Integrating circuits, Storage, Long-term, Semiconductors, Semiconductor devices, Semiconductor storage, Electronic equipment and components
Title in FrenchComposants électroniques. Stockage de longue durée des dispositifs électroniques à semiconducteurs Généralités
Title in GermanElektronische Bauteile. Langzeitlagerung elektronischer Halbleiterbauelemente Allgemeines
ISBN978 0 580 83548 3
File Size1.096 MB

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