BS EN 62559-2:2015 - Use case methodology. Definition of the template for use cases, actor list and requirements list

BS EN 62559-2:2015

Use case methodology. Definition of the template for use cases, actor list and requirements list

Status : Current   Published : June 2015



IEC 62559-2:2015 defines the structure of a use case template, template lists for actors and requirements, as well as their relation to each other. In this document, a standardized template for the description of use cases is defined for various purposes like the use in standardization organizations for standards development or within development projects for system development. This document was developed for general application in various domains and systems. The energy system/smart grid is used as example in this document as it was one of the first usage areas for this use case template, but this general template can be applied in other usage areas different from energy systems as well (e.g. smart home or electro-mobility). The motivation, background information on use cases, recommendations for the handling of use cases and the processes for the description of use cases inside standardization and in relation to a central use case repository is described in IEC 62559-1. This first edition cancels and replaces IEC PAS 62559:2008 which had been published together with EPRI. Main content of the former PAS will be transferred to the new IEC 62559-4.

Standard NumberBS EN 62559-2:2015
TitleUse case methodology. Definition of the template for use cases, actor list and requirements list
Publication Date30 June 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60870-5-10x, EN 61968-1, IEC 61968-1, IEC 61968-11, IEC 62056, EN 61968-11, IEC 61850, IEC 62507-1:2010, EN 62507-1:2011, EN 62056, EN 61968-100:2013, EN 61970-301, IEC 61968-100:2013, EN 62325-301, EN 60870-5-10x, IEC 61970-301, EN 61850, IEC 62325-301
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO/IEC 19501:2005, ISO/IEC 19505-2:2012, ISO/IEC 19505-1:2012, EN 61968-100:2013, IEC 61968-1, IEC 62559-3, IEC 62056, EN 61850, EN 62056, EN 61968-11, IEC 62325-301, IEC 61850, IEC 60050, EN 61970-301, IEC 62507-1:2010, IEC 61968-100:2013, IEC 62559-1, EN 62507-1:2011, IEC 61968-11, EN 61968-1, IEC 60870-5-10x, EN 62325-301, IEC PAS 62559:2008, IEC 61970-301
International RelationshipsEN 62559-2:2015,IEC 62559-2:2015
Draft Superseded By14/30284944 DC
DescriptorsElectric power systems, Control systems, Computer programs, Terminology, Energy distribution, Energy technology, Energy supply systems (buildings), Abbreviations, Computerized control, Interfaces (data processing), Electric power transmission, Electrical engineering, Electric power generation
Title in FrenchMéthodologie des cas d'utilisation. Définition du formulaire type de modèle de cas d'utilisation, de la liste d'acteurs et de la liste d'exigences
Title in GermanAnwendungsfallmethodik. Definition der Anwendungsfallvorlage, Akteurliste und der Anforderungsliste
ISBN978 0 580 83345 8
File Size1.654 MB

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