BS EN 62087-1:2016 - Audio, video, and related equipment. Determination of power consumption. General

BS EN 62087-1:2016

Audio, video, and related equipment. Determination of power consumption. General

Status : Current   Published : April 2016



This part of IEC 62087 specifies the general requirements for the determination of power consumption of audio, video, and related equipment. Requirements for specific types of equipment are specified in additional parts of this series of standards and may supersede the requirements specified in this standard.

Moreover, this part of IEC 62087 defines the different modes of operation which are relevant for determining power consumption.

This standard is only applicable for equipment which can be powered by an external power source. Equipment that includes a non-removable main battery is not covered by this standard. Equipment may include any number of auxiliary batteries.

In order to assess compliance of a specific model of equipment with the declared value, an example verification procedure is provided.

The measuring conditions in this standard represent the normal use of the equipment and may differ from specific conditions, for example as specified in safety standards.

Standard NumberBS EN 62087-1:2016
TitleAudio, video, and related equipment. Determination of power consumption. General
Publication Date30 April 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 62542:2013, IEC 62542:2013, IEC 62301:2011, EN 50564:2011
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 62087-4, IEC 62087-4, EN 50564:2011, IEC 62087-5, EN 62087-3, EN 62087-6, EN 62087-2, IEC 62087, IEC 62087-3, IEC 62087-2, EN 62087-5, EN 62087, IEC 62087-6
ReplacesBS EN 62087:2012
International RelationshipsEN 62087-1:2016,IEC 62087-1:2015
DescriptorsInternet, Electricity consumption, Video tape recorders, Broadcasting, Audio equipment, Video signals, Audio systems, Energy consumption, Television receivers, Electrical measurement, Video recording
Title in FrenchAppareils audio, vidéo et matériel connexe. Détermination de la consommation de puissance. Généralités
Title in GermanMessverfahren für die Leistungsaufnahme von Audio-, Video- und verwandten Geräten. Allgemeines
ISBN978 0 580 82953 6
File Size1.039 MB

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