BS ISO/IEC 25022:2016 - Systems and software engineering. Systems and software quality requirements and evaluation (SQuaRE). Measurement of quality in use
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BS ISO/IEC 25022:2016

Systems and software engineering. Systems and software quality requirements and evaluation (SQuaRE). Measurement of quality in use

Status : Current, Under review   Published : June 2016



This International Standard defines quality in use measures for the characteristics defined in ISO/IEC 25010, and is intended to be used together with ISO/IEC 25010. It can be used in conjunction with the ISO/IEC 2503n and the ISO/IEC 2504n standards or to more generally meet user needs with regard to product or system quality.

This International Standard contains the following:

  • a basic set of measures for each quality in use characteristic;

  • an explanation of how quality in use is measured.

This International Standard provides a suggested set of quality in use measures to be used with the quality in use model in ISO/IEC 25010. They are not intended to be an exhaustive set.

It includes as informative annexes examples of how to measure context coverage ( Annex A), options for normalising quality in use measures ( Annex B), use of ISO/IEC 25022 for measuring usability in ISO 9241‑11 ( Annex C), a quality in use evaluation process ( Annex D), the relationship between different quality models ( Annex E), and quality measurement concepts ( Annex F).

The measures are applicable to the use of any human-computer system, including both computer systems in use and software products that form part of the system.

This International Standard does not assign ranges of values of the measures to rated levels or to grades of compliance because these values are defined for each system or product depending, on the context of use and users’ needs.

Some attributes could have a desirable range of values, which does not depend on specific user needs but depends on generic factors, for example, human cognitive factors.

The proposed quality in use measures are primarily intended to be used for quality assurance and management of systems and software products based on their effects when actually used. The main users of the measurement results are people managing development, acquisition, evaluation, or maintenance of software and systems.

The main users of this International Standard are people carrying out specification and evaluation activities as part of the following:

  • development: including requirements analysis, design, and testing through acceptance during the life cycle process;

  • quality management: systematic examination of the product or computer system, for example, when evaluating quality in use as part of quality assurance and quality control;

  • supply: a contract with the acquirer for the supply of a system, software product, or software service under the terms of a contract, for example, when validating quality at qualification test;

  • acquisition: including product selection and acceptance testing, when acquiring or procuring a system, software product, or software service from a supplier;

  • maintenance: improvement of the product based on quality in use measures.

Standard NumberBS ISO/IEC 25022:2016
TitleSystems and software engineering. Systems and software quality requirements and evaluation (SQuaRE). Measurement of quality in use
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date30 June 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO/IEC 25010
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 9241-11:1998, IEC 31010:2019, ISO/IEC 12207:2008, ISO/IEC 25062, ISO/IEC 25030, ISO/IEC 25063, ISO/TS 20282-2:2013, ISO/IEC 25020:2007, ISO/IEC 15288:2015, ISO/IEC 25021:2012, IEC 62366:2007, ISO/IEC 15939:2007, ISO/IEC 25000:2014
ReplacesPD ISO/IEC TR 9126-4:2004
International RelationshipsISO/IEC 25022:2016
Draft Superseded By15/30280196 DC
DescriptorsQuality, Data processing, Computer software
Title in FrenchIngénierie des systèmes et du logiciel. Exigences de qualité et évaluation des systèmes et du logiciel (SQuaRE). Mesurage de la qualité lors de l’utilisation
ISBN978 0 580 82354 1
File Size2.436 MB

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