BS ISO 8178-5:2015 - Reciprocating internal combustion engines. Exhaust emission measurement. Test fuels

BS ISO 8178-5:2015

Reciprocating internal combustion engines. Exhaust emission measurement. Test fuels

Status : Under review, Current   Published : November 2015



This part of ISO 8178 specifies fuels whose use is recommended for performing the exhaust emission test cycles given in ISO 8178‑4.

It is applicable to reciprocating internal combustion engines for mobile, transportable and stationary installations excluding engines for vehicles primarily designed for road use. This part of ISO 8178 may be applied to engines used, e.g. earth-moving machines and generating sets, and for other applications.

Standard NumberBS ISO 8178-5:2015
TitleReciprocating internal combustion engines. Exhaust emission measurement. Test fuels
StatusUnder review, Current
Publication Date30 November 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 8217:2017, ISO 8216-1:2017, ISO 8178-1:2006, ISO 4264
Informative References(Provided for Information)ASTM D4530-10, JIS K 2255:1995, JIS K 2265-4:2007, JIS K 2536-6:2003, JIS K 2541-2:2003, ISO 8178-4:2007, ASTM D5580-02 (2007), JIS K 2202:2007, ASTM D1267-02(2007), EN 24260:1994, ASTM D2699-12, JIS K 2258:1998, ASTM D1945-03, ASTM D2598-02(2007), ASTM D2784-06, ISO 1998-2:1998, JIS K 2536-4:2003, JIS K 2265-1:2007, ASTM D974-12, ASTM D381-12, ASTM D1837-11, JIS K 2541-7:2003, JIS K 2240:2007, JIS K 2536-5:2003, JIS K 2269:1987, JPI-5S-49-97, ASTM D3343-05, ASTM D445-06, ASTM D976-06, ASTM D1298-12b, ASTM D3231-11, JIS K 2288:2000, ISO 12937:2000, ASTM D3237-12, ASTM D3606-10, ISO 1998-7:1998, CEC F-06-A-96, ASTM D2274-10, JIS K 2275:1996, California Code of Regulations, ISO 12156-1:2006, IP 380/98, JIS K 2536-1:2003, JIS K 2541-1:2003, JIS K 2536-3:2003, JIS K 2280:1996, ISO 1998-5:1998, ASTM D525-12a, JIS K 2265-2:2007, ISO 22854, JIS K 2301:1992, ASTM D2500-11, ASTM D130-112, JIS K 2287:1998, ASTM D5186-03, JIS K 2204:2007, JIS K 2513:2000, ASTM D2700-12, ASTM D86-11b, EN 12177:2000, ASTM D482-07, ASTM D1657-12e1, ISO 1998-1:1998, ASTM D3244-07a, ASTM D613-10a, ASTM D9
ReplacesBS ISO 8178-5:2008
International RelationshipsISO 8178-5:2015
Draft Superseded By13/30279896 DC
DescriptorsDiesel fuels, Gaseous fuels, Technical data sheets, Natural gas, Prime movers, Pollutant gases, Gasoline, Liquid fuels, Automotive fuels, Internal combustion engines, Reciprocating engines, Gases, Combustion products, Fuels, Selection, Emission, Exhaust gases, Liquefied petroleum gas
Title in FrenchMoteurs alternatifs à combustion interne. Mesurage des émissions de gaz d’échappement. Carburants d’essai
ISBN978 0 580 82288 9
File Size1.292 MB

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