PD CEN ISO/TS 16530-2:2015 - Well integrity. Well integrity for the operational phase

PD CEN ISO/TS 16530-2:2015

Well integrity. Well integrity for the operational phase

Status : Current   Published : January 2016



This Technical Specification provides requirements and methods to the oil and gas industry to manage well integrity during the well operational phase.

The operational phase is considered to extend from handover of the well after construction, to handover prior to abandonment. This represents only the period during the life cycle of the well when it is being operated and is illustrated in Figure 1.

The scope of the Technical Specification includes:

  • A description of the processes required to assess and manage risk within a defined framework. The risk assessment process also applies when deviating from this Technical Specification.

  • The process of managing well integrity by operating wells in compliance with operating limits for all well types that are defined based on exposure of risk to people, environment, assets and reputation. The management of well integrity is supported by associated maintenance/monitoring plans, technical reviews and the management of change.

  • The assessment of existing assets (wells / fields) in order to start the process of Well Integrity Management in accordance with this technical specification.

  • The handover process required when changing from one activity to another during the operational phase.

The scope of the Technical Specification applies to all wells that are utilized by the oil and gas industry, regardless of their age, type or location.

The scope of the Technical Specification does NOT apply to:

  • The periods during well intervention or work-over activities but it DOES include the result of the intervention and any impact that this can have to the well envelope and the associated well barriers.

  • The equipment that is required or used outside the well envelope for a well intervention such as wire-line or coiled tubing or a pumping package.

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Standard NumberPD CEN ISO/TS 16530-2:2015
TitleWell integrity. Well integrity for the operational phase
Publication Date31 January 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 10417:2004
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 14224, ISO 13628-1, ISO 14310:2008, ISO 15156-3:2009, ISO 10432:2004, ISO 11960, ISO 10423:2009, ISO/IEC 31010, ISO/TR 10400, ISO 19011, ISO 13703, ISO 17776, ISO 13628-4:2010, ISO 13503-3:2005, ISO 13680, ISO 9004, ISO 31000:2018, ISO 10417:2004, BS EN ISO 10418:2019, ISO 10418:2019
International RelationshipsCEN ISO/TS 16530-2 (ISO/TS 165,ISO/TS 16530-2:2014
DescriptorsPetroleum products, Natural gas, Petroleum technology, Petroleum, Risk assessment, Safety, Reliability
Title in FrenchIntégrité du puits. Intégrité du puits pour la phase opérationnelle
Title in GermanBohrungsintegrität. Bohrungsintegrität für die Betriebsphase
ISBN978 0 580 81937 7
File Size5.802 MB

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