BS ISO 20474-5:2017 Earth-moving machinery. Basic types. Identification and terms and definitions

BS ISO 20474-5:2017

Earth-moving machinery. Safety. Requirements for hydraulic excavators

Status : Current   Published : July 2017



What is the BS ISO 20474 series of standards about?

The BS ISO 20474 series of standards specifies the general safety requirements for earth-moving machinery as defined in BS EN ISO 6165:2012 Earth-moving machinery. Basic types. Identification and terms and definitions, each of those requirements being common to two or more earth-moving machinery families. It is applicable to machine attachments, and derivative machinery designed primarily for equipment used to excavate, load, transport, drill, spread, compact or trench earth rock and other materials. 

Who is this standard for?

These standards will be relevant to anyone that works with earth-moving machinery including manufacturers, purchasers, hirers and users of earth-moving equipment.The BS ISO 20474 series will also help UK manufacturers into other markets, particularly those emerging markets outside the EU who are looking to adopt international standards.While EN 474 is still the principal standard for the EU, BS ISO 20474 brings an internationally consistent approach to safety.

Why should you use this standard?

This 13 part series deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to earth-moving machinery when used as intended or under conditions of misuse reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer. It specifies the appropriate technical measures for eliminating or reducing risks arising from relevant hazards, hazardous situations or events during commissioning, operation and maintenance. BS ISO 20474-1 is intended to be used in conjunction with the other parts of the series, which address the provisions which are specific to particular machine families. For multi-purpose machinery, all of those parts of BS ISO 20474 whose requirements cover the functions and applications of such machines are applicable.

What’s new? 

Many new safety requirements and protective measures have been included as well as normative annexes in Part 1 that contain requirements for:

  • Elevating operator’s stations
  • Lifting devices used in object handling
  • Earth-moving machinery used underground in non-explosive atmospheres

Standard NumberBS ISO 20474-5:2017
TitleEarth-moving machinery. Safety. Requirements for hydraulic excavators
Publication Date12 July 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 7546:1983 (R10), ISO 7096:2000, ISO 10262:1998, ISO 7451:2007, ISO 8643:2017, ISO 12117-2:2008/Amd 1:2016, ISO 12117:1997(R05), ISO 3471:2008, ISO 7135:2009, ISO 20474-1:2017, ISO 10567:2007, ISO 12117-2:2008, ISO 6165:2012
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 6683:2005, ISO 6682:1986, ISO 6016:2008, ISO 12100:2010, ISO 6014:1986, ISO 8084:2003
International RelationshipsISO 20474-5:2017
Draft Superseded By16/30277570 DC
DescriptorsEarth-moving equipment, Size, Designations, Identification methods, Materials handling equipment
Title in FrenchEngins de terrassement -- Sécurité Partie 5: Exigences applicables aux pelles hydrauliques
ISBN978 0 580 81824 0
File Size893 KB

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