BS EN ISO 10140-3:2010+A1:2015 - Acoustics. Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements. Measurement of impact sound insulation

BS EN ISO 10140-3:2010+A1:2015

Acoustics. Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements. Measurement of impact sound insulation

Status : Current, Under review   Published : February 2011



This part of ISO 10140 specifies laboratory methods for measuring the impact sound insulation of floor assemblies.

The test results can be used to compare the sound insulation properties of building elements, classify elements according to their sound insulation capabilities, help design building products which require certain acoustic properties and estimate the in situ performance in complete buildings.

The measurements are performed in laboratory test facilities in which sound transmission via flanking paths is suppressed. The results of measurements made in accordance with this part of ISO 10140 are not applicable directly to the field situation without accounting for other factors affecting sound insulation, such as flanking transmission, boundary conditions, and loss factor.

A test method is specified that uses the standard tapping machine (see ISO 10140‑5:2010, Annex E) to simulate impact sources like human footsteps when a person is wearing shoes. This part of ISO 10140 is applicable to all types of floors (whether heavyweight or lightweight) with all types of floor coverings. The test method applies only to laboratory measurements.


When the aim of impact sound insulation measurements is to have a strong correlation between a “real” impact source (e.g. a person walking or children jumping) and an artificial impact source (e.g. a tapping machine), it is intended that both sources apply the same input force spectrum to ensure the correct ranking of floors and floor coverings for the “real” and the artificial source, and it is intended that the impedance spectra of the sources be the same. If the “real” impact source is a walking person without shoes and the artificial source is a standard tapping machine such as that specified in Clause 4, the correlation is not strong.

An alternative method, using a heavy/soft impact source for assessing the impact sound insulation of a floor against impact sources with strong low-frequency components, such as human footsteps (bare feet) or children jumping, is given in Annex A. Alternative impact sources (i.e. a proposed modification of the standard tapping machine to make its dynamic source characteristics similar to those of a person walking barefoot and a heavy/soft impact source with dynamic source characteristics similar to those of children jumping) are defined in ISO 10140‑5:2010,Annex F.

A method to test floor coverings is described in ISO 10140‑1:2010,Annex H, for single- or multi-layer floor coverings installed on specific reference floors. In the case of multi-layer coverings, they can be factory-assembled or assembled at the test site.

Standard NumberBS EN ISO 10140-3:2010+A1:2015
TitleAcoustics. Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements. Measurement of impact sound insulation
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date28 February 2011
Confirm Date26 February 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 10140-5, IEC 61260, IEC 60942, ISO 10140-1, IEC 61672-1, ISO 140-2, ISO 10140-4, ISO 717-2
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 140-14, ISO 140-18, ISO 140-5, ISO 140-7, ISO 140-4
ReplacesBS EN 20140-10:1992, ISO 140-10:1991, BS EN ISO 140-8:1998, BS EN ISO 140-6:1998, BS EN ISO 140-11:2005, BS EN ISO 140-16:2006, BS EN ISO 140-1:1998, BS EN ISO 140-3:1995, BS 2750-3:1995
International RelationshipsEN ISO 10140-3:2010/A1:2015,ISO 10140-3:2010,ISO 10140-3:2010/Amd 1:2015
Amended ByAmendment, July 2015
DescriptorsImpact sound insulation, Noise (environmental), Acoustics, Acoustic measurement, Floors, Laboratory testing, Construction systems parts, Sound insulation, Buildings, Floor coverings, Acoustic testing
Title in FrenchAcoustique. Mesurage en laboratoire de l'isolation acoustique des éléments de construction. Mesurage de l'isolation au bruit de choc
Title in GermanAkustik. Messung der Schalldämmung von Gebäudeteilen im Prüfstand. Messung der Trittschalldämmung
ISBN978 0 580 81821 9
File Size1.306 MB

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