BS EN 1041:2008+A1:2013 Information supplied by the manufacturer of medical devices

BS EN 1041:2008+A1:2013

Information supplied by the manufacturer of medical devices

Status : Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : August 2008 Replaced By : BS EN ISO 20417:2021

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What is this standard about?

It exists to help medical device manufacturers comply with the information requirements of the European medical device directives.

Who is this standard for?

Manufacturers of medical devices

Why should you use this standard?

It specifies requirements for information to be supplied by manufacturers of medical devices regulated by Council Directive 90/385/EEC relating to active implantable medical devices and Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices.

It does not specify the language to be used for such information, nor does it specify the means by which the information is to be supplied.

The standard is also intended to complement the specific requirements of the cited EU Directives by providing guidance on means by which certain requirements can be met. If a manufacturer follows these means, they will provide a presumption of conformity with the relevant Essential Requirements regarding information to be supplied.

What’s changed since the last update?

This first amendment to BS EN 1041:2008 implements CEN/CENCELC amendment A1:2013. The principal changes are the addition of clauses on the provision of information on the safe and effective use of the device (5.1.1) and on the format and location of the manufacturer’s name and address as required by the medical devices directives (5.1.2).

Standard NumberBS EN 1041:2008+A1:2013
TitleInformation supplied by the manufacturer of medical devices
StatusSuperseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date29 August 2008
Withdrawn Date11 May 2021
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN ISO 3166-1 ISO 3166-1:2006 ISO 639-1 ISO 1000 ISO 8601 CEN/TR 15133
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 376, EN ISO 780, EN 591, EN ISO 15223-1, EN 556-1, ISO 13485:2003, 2004/108/EC, EN 592, EN 375, EN 556-2, 89/617/EEC, ISO 15225:2000, EN ISO 13485, 90/385/EEC, EN 980, 89/618/Euratom, EN ISO 17664, ISO 14971:2007, ISO 17664:2004, EN ISO 15225, 80/181/EEC, 93/42/EEC, 93/465/EEC, EN ISO 14971, 98/79/EC, ISO 7000
Replaced ByBS EN ISO 20417:2021
ReplacesBS EN 1041:1998
International RelationshipsEN 1041:2008+A1:2013
Amended ByAmendment, October 2013
Draft Superseded By13/30272487 DC
DescriptorsInstructions for use, Consumer-supplier relations, Technical documents, Symbols, Identification methods, Handbooks, Marking, Definitions, Implants (surgical), Medical equipment, Hazards, Packaging, Safety measures, Sterile equipment, Documents, Medical instruments
Title in FrenchInformations fournies par le fabricant de dispositifs médicaux
Title in GermanBereitstellung von Informationen durch den Hersteller von Medizinprodukten
ISBN978 0 580 80873 9
File Size560 KB

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Customer Relations, +44 345 086 9001
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