BS EN 1997-1:2004+A1:2013 Eurocode 7. Geotechnical design. General rules

BS EN 1997-1:2004+A1:2013

Eurocode 7. Geotechnical design. General rules

Status : Current   Published : December 2004



What is this standard about?

This is one of ten harmonized European structural design standards. This one supplies general rules for geotechnical design.

Who is this standard for?

  • Clients
  • Designers
  • Contractors
  • Public authorities

Why should you use this standard?

It supplies general rules to be applied to the geotechnical aspects of the design of buildings and civil engineering works. It’s concerned with the requirements for strength, stability, serviceability and durability of structures. It is intended to be used as a general basis for the geotechnical aspects of the design of buildings and civil engineering works.

NOTE: This standard should be used in conjunction with BS EN 1990 which establishes the principles and requirements for safety and serviceability, describes the basis of design and verification, and gives guidelines for related aspects of structural reliability. It should also be used with the UK National Annex: NA+A1:2014 to BS EN 1997-1:2004+A1:2013 UK National Annex to Eurocode 7. Geotechnical design. General rules

What’s changed since the last update?

This 2013 amendment includes a new Section 8 on anchors. It requires designers to show that anchors will perform satisfactorily in service conditions and will also prevent failure in the supported structure (ultimate limit states) in more onerous conditions than those checked historically, defined by partial factors. These requirements are to be demonstrated by testing the anchors. The code takes no account of calculated anchor capacities.

Standard NumberBS EN 1997-1:2004+A1:2013
TitleEurocode 7. Geotechnical design. General rules
Publication Date22 December 2004
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 1991-4, EN 1998, EN 1992, EN 14199, EN 1991, EN 1996, EN 1993, EN 1537, EN 1999, EN ISO 22477-5, EN 1995, EN 1994, EN 1997-2, EN ISO 13793:2001, EN 1990:2002, EN 12063:1999, EN 1536:1999, EN 12699:2000, EN 1992-1-1:2004
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
ReplacesBS 8004:1986, BS 8081:1989, DD ENV 1997-1:1995, BS 8002:1994
International RelationshipsEN 1997-1:2004/A1:2013
Amended ByAmendment, July 2014; Corrigendum, January 2010
DescriptorsDesign calculations, Subsoil, Foundations, Mathematical calculations, Buildings, Soil mechanics, Construction operations, Construction engineering works, Site investigations, Embankments, Structural systems, Anchorages, Retaining structures, Pile foundations, Structural design, Stability
Title in FrenchEurocode 7. Calcul géotechnique. Règles générales
Title in GermanEurocode 7. Entwurf, Berechnung und Bemessung in der Geotechnik. Allgemeine Regeln
ISBN978 0 580 80773 2
File Size2.72 MB
NotesThis standard is the subject of transitional arrangements agreed under a European Commission mandate. In order to allow for any changes in national regulations, the Commission in consultation with Member States have agreed a transition period for the co-existence of EN 1997-1 and corresponding national standards. At the end of this coexistence period BS 5930:1999, BS 8002:1994, BS 8004:1986, BS 8006:1995, BS 8008:1996 and BS 8081:1989 will be withdrawn.

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