BS EN 50411-3-5:2015 - Fibre organisers and closures to be used in optical fibre communication systems. Product specifications. Wall outlet

BS EN 50411-3-5:2015

Fibre organisers and closures to be used in optical fibre communication systems. Product specifications. Wall outlet

Status : Current   Published : December 2015



1.1 Product definition This European Standard covers wall outlets for up to 4 SC foot-print adapters. Various connector types (e.g. SC, LC) can be implemented as long as the adapter fits in the SC foot-print dimensions. A Wall Outlet is the passive end connection point of a fixed Single Mode fibre based FTTH network to the flexible network of service unit (CPE, ONT) indoor. Products defined by IEV 442-08-02 or IEV 723-09-22 can be considered as Wall Outlets. SI or ENTI are not part of this wall outlet specification. This specification also covers the possibility of using hybrid (fibre/copper) wall outlets with 1 RJ-45 footprint. Performance of copper cabling and connectivity is not in the scope of this document, but should be verified in line with EN 50346. Wall outlets are placed in end user premises by installers and the contents are not intended to be user accessible. Wall outlets may be mounted using a number of techniques: surface mounted on a wall, patress boxes, trunking or raceway; flush mounted or between cable trunking. Cable entry points vary with mounting method: surface mounted or flush mounted boxes may require large holes at the rear of the wall outlet for cable entry requiring little or no strain relief, whereas boxes with cable entry visible to the end user will need cable sealing and strain relief. Wall outlets covered in the product specification will include a fibre management system (FMS) for managing the incoming cables or fibres. The FMS may include trays for splicing pigtails to incoming cable/fibre. This European Standard contains the initial, start of life dimensional, optical, mechanical and environmental performance requirements of an optical fibre wall outlet, in order for it to be categorized as an European Standard product. 1.2 Operating environment The tests selected combined with the severity and duration is representative of indoor environments defined by: EN 61753-1 category C Controlled environment 1.3 Reliability Whilst the anticipated service life expectancy of the product in this environment is 20 years, compliance with this specification does not guarantee the reliability of the product. This should be predicted using a recognized reliability assessment programme. 1.4 Quality assurance Compliance with this specification does not guarantee the manufacturing consistency of the product. This should be maintained using a recognized quality assurance programme. 1.5 Allowed fibre and cable types All EN 60793-2-50 fibres can be stored in the Terminal Equipment Box with a minimum storage radius of 20 mm (up to a storage length of maximum 2 m). Smaller storage radii down to 15 mm are possible with the EN 60793-2-50 B6A fibre types, but in this case the reduction in mechanical reliability should be taken into account (see Annex A). If hybrid cable is used then only the fibre portion is considered in this product specification.

Standard NumberBS EN 50411-3-5:2015
TitleFibre organisers and closures to be used in optical fibre communication systems. Product specifications. Wall outlet
Publication Date31 December 2015
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Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN IEC 61753-1:2018, IEC 60794-2:2017, IEC 60794-2-50 Ed.2.0, EN 60794-2:2017, IEC 61753-1:2018, BS EN 61753-1, EN IEC 61753-1:2018, EN 60794-2-50, EN 50174, IEC 61756-1, IEC/TR 62048, IEC 61758-1, EN 50346, EN 50173-4, IEC/TR 62785, EN 61758-1, EN 61756-1, ITU-T G.657, EN 50173-5, EN 50173-1, EN 50310, EN 50173-3, EN 61300, EN 50173-2, EN 50411-2, EN 50098, IEC 61753-1, IEC/TR 62721, ETSI/TS 102 873
International RelationshipsEN 50411-3-5:2015
Draft Superseded By13/30271356 DC
DescriptorsFibre optic cables, Environmental testing, Closures, Specification (approval), Mechanical properties of materials, Dimensions, Sealed, Performance, Optical fibres, Fibre optics, Seals, Optical properties of materials, Splicing, Communication cables, Optical communication systems
Title in FrenchOrganiseurs et boîtiers de fibres à utiliser dans les systèmes de communication par fibres optiques. Spécifications de produits. Prise murale
Title in GermanLWL-Spleißkassetten und Muffen für die Anwendung in LWL-Kommunikationssystemen. Produktspezifikationen. Wandanschlussdose
ISBN978 0 580 80667 4
File Size1.188 MB

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