BS 8848:2014 Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the United Kingdom

BS 8848:2014

Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the United Kingdom

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : March 2014



What is this standard about?

BS 8848 gives specifications to ensure effective operational systems are in place to assess and manage the risks associated with oversees adventures.

Who is this standard for? 

  • Providers and organizers of adventure activities
  • Staff and participants
  • Trainers
  • Health and safety executives
  • Insurers/risk management industry

Why should you use this standard? 

Organizers of adventurous activities, from schools to travel and tour operators, need to know the risks involved and how to manage them effectively. If the appropriate level of planning, risk assessment or training is not in place then the consequences can be serious.

BS 8848 enables organizers of adventure travel to put in place a system to assess and manage risks, covering both the venture itself and the capabilities and experience of venture leaders and participants.

This standard can also provide assurance to participants that venture providers are following good practice to help reduce the risk of injury or illness.

It sets out to help ensure operational systems are effective at managing risk and help reduce the likelihood of incidents. In so doing, BS 8848 reassures those wishing to be involved in a venture, demonstrates a duty-of-care to employees and others, and provides a means of demonstrating that good practice has been followed.

What’s changed since the last update?

BS 8848 has been fully revised and includes the following significant changes:

  • Clauses have been regrouped and consolidated to focus on key processes such as planning and risk assessment
  • A focus on the approval and review of safety management systems, including matching risk exposure to the stated aims of the venture and risk management during the venture
  • Increased information for the participant and on the participants’ responsibilities in safety management
  • An increased applicability of the standard for individual placements and lone workers
  • The inclusion of competence assessment criteria for venture activity specialists where participants are under 18 years old and unaccompanied by their parent or legal guardian
  • Revisions to the clauses on venture continuity and supervision have resulted in the definitions of “down time” and “personal time” being redundant
  • Streamlining of the clauses on claims of conformity 

Standard NumberBS 8848:2014
TitleSpecification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the United Kingdom
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date31 March 2014
Confirm Date24 May 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN ISO/IEC 17065, BS EN ISO/IEC 17000, BS EN ISO/IEC 17050, BS EN ISO/IEC 17021, BS EN ISO 9001
ReplacesBS 8848:2007+A1:2009
Draft Superseded By13/30270871 DC
DescriptorsSafety measures, Contracts, Documents, Education, Consumer protection, Personal health, Courses, Information, Conformity, Management, Hazards, Risk assessment, Consumer-supplier relations, Fieldwork, Leisure, Teaching, Verification, Tourism
ISBN978 0 580 80546 2
File Size756 KB

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