BS EN 13103-1:2017 - Railway applications. Wheelsets and bogies. Design method for axles with external journals

BS EN 13103-1:2017

Railway applications. Wheelsets and bogies. Design method for axles with external journals

Status : Current, Work in hand   Published : August 2018



This European Standard: — defines the forces and moments to be taken into account with reference to masses, traction and braking conditions; — gives the stress calculation method for axles with outside axle journals; — specifies the maximum permissible stresses to be assumed in calculations for steel grade EA1N, EA1T and EA4T defined in EN 13261; — describes the method for determination of the maximum permissible stresses for other steel grades; — determines the diameters for the various sections of the axle and recommends the preferred shapes and transitions to ensure adequate service performance. This European Standard is applicable for: — axles defined in EN 13261 — powered and non-powered axles and — all track gauges3. The powered axle design method of this European Standard applies to: — solid and hollow powered axles for railway rolling stock; — solid and hollow non-powered axles of motor bogies; — solid and hollow non-powered axles of locomotives. The non-powered axle design method of this standard applies to solid and hollow axles of railway rolling stock used for the transportation of passengers and freight that are not considered in the list above. This European Standard is applicable to axles fitted to rolling stock intended to run under normal European conditions. Before using this European Standard, if there is any doubt as to whether the railway operating conditions are normal, it is necessary to determine whether an additional design factor has to be applied to the maximum permissible stresses. The calculation of wheelset axles for special applications (e.g. tamping/lining/levelling machines) may be made according to this European Standard only for the load cases of free-rolling and rolling in train formation. This European Standard does not apply to the loads induced by the vehicles in their working mode. They are calculated separately. This method can be used for light rail and tramway applications.

Standard NumberBS EN 13103-1:2017
TitleRailway applications. Wheelsets and bogies. Design method for axles with external journals
StatusCurrent, Work in hand
Publication Date14 August 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 13260, EN 15663, EN 15313, EN 13261:2009+A1:2010
Informative References(Provided for Information)UIC 515-3, EN ISO/IEC 17025, ORE report No.11, ISO/IEC 17025
ReplacesBS EN 13104:2009+A2:2012, BS EN 13103:2009+A2:2012
International RelationshipsEN 13103-1:2017
Draft Superseded By15/30270276 DC
DescriptorsRailway wagons, Railway vehicle components, Axles, Railway coaches, Mechanical behaviour of materials, Fatigue, Braking, Design, Stress, Railway vehicles, Mathematical calculations, Bogies, Mass
Title in FrenchApplications ferroviaires. Essieux montés et bogies Méthode de conception des essieux-axes avec fusées extérieures
Title in GermanBahnanwendungen. Radsätze und Drehgestelle Konstruktionsleitfaden für außengelagerte Radsatzwellen
ISBN978 0 580 80443 4
File Size5.608 MB

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