BS EN 60836:2015 - Specifications for unused silicone insulating liquids for electrotechnical purposes

BS EN 60836:2015

Specifications for unused silicone insulating liquids for electrotechnical purposes

Status : Current   Published : October 2015



IEC 60836:2015 covers specifications and test methods for unused silicone liquids intended for use in transformers and other electrotechnical equipment. Besides the standard transformer applications there are other applications of silicone liquids, such like cable accessories, capacitors, electrical magnets etc. This edition includes the following major technical changes with regard to the second edition:

a) classification of liquids according to IEC 61039 have been adapted with respect to the latest edition of IEC 61039:2008;

b) classification of liquids according to IEC 61100:1992 have been removed as IEC 61100 has been withdrawn;

c) minimum requirements for other silicone liquids for electrotechnical purposes have been added.

Standard NumberBS EN 60836:2015
TitleSpecifications for unused silicone insulating liquids for electrotechnical purposes
Publication Date31 October 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 60296, ISO 2592, ISO 2211:1973, IEC 60475, ISO 5661, ISO 3675, ISO 3016, IEC 60247, IEC 60156:1995, ISO 12185, ISO 3104, HD 488 S1, IEC 60628, EN ISO 2719, EN ISO 2592, ISO 2719, IEC 60944, IEC 60814, EN 60814, EN ISO 3675, EN ISO 12185, IEC 60296, EN 60475, EN 60156:1995, IEC 61039:2008, EN 62021-3, EN 61039:2008, EN 60247, EN ISO 3104, IEC 62021-3
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60076-14, IEC TS 60695-8-3, EN 60076-14, IEC 60695-1-40, EN 60695-1-40
ReplacesBS EN 60836:2005
International RelationshipsEN 60836:2015,IEC 60836:2015
Draft Superseded By12/30268820 DC
DescriptorsBreakdown voltage, Storage, Electrical insulating materials, Electrical insulation, Density, Liquid electrical insulating materials, Flammability, Silicon organic compounds, Colour, Electric insulators, Pour point, Maintenance, Fire point (temperature), Refractive index, Flash point, Electrical equipment, Transformers, Insulating oils, Dielectric properties, Silicones, Moisture, Kinematic viscosity, Electrical engineering
Title in FrenchSpécifications pour liquides isolants silicones neufs pour usages électrotechniques
Title in GermanAnforderungen an ungebrauchte Silikonisolierflüssigkeiten für elektrotechnische Anwendungen
ISBN978 0 580 80171 6
File Size1.251 MB

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