BS EN 15509:2014 - Electronic fee collection. Interoperability application profile for DSRC

BS EN 15509:2014

Electronic fee collection. Interoperability application profile for DSRC

Status : Current, Work in hand   Published : September 2014



The scope for this European Standard is limited to:

  • payment method: Central account based on EFC-DSRC;

  • physical systems: OBU, RSE and the DSRC interface between them (all functions and information flows related to these parts);

  • DSRC-link requirements;

  • EFC transactions over the DSRC interface;

  • data elements to be used by OBU and RSE used in EFC-DSRC transactions;

  • security mechanisms for OBU and RSE used in EFC-DSRC transactions.

The scope of this European Standard is illustrated in Figure 1.

[Image removed.]

It is outside the scope of this European Standard to define:

  • contractual and procedural interoperability requirements (including issues related to a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU);

  • conformance procedures and test specification (this is provided in a separate set of standards);

  • setting-up of operating organizations (e.g. toll charger, toll service provider, trusted third party, etc.);

  • legal issues;

  • other payment methods in DSRC-based EFC (e.g. on-board accounts using integrated circuit cards);

  • other basic technologies (e.g. GNSS/CN or video registration based EFC). However, this European Standard may be used for defining the DSRC-EFC parts for the use in applications that implement a mix of different technologies;

  • non-EFC transactions over the DSRC interface (e.g. CCC and LAC communication, which is defined in other standards);

  • other interfaces or functions in EFC-systems than those specified above (i.e. information flows and data exchange between operators or personalization, initialization and customization of the OBU).

Some of these issues are subject to separate standards prepared by CEN/TC 278, ISO/TC 204 or ETSI ERM.

Figure 2 shows the scope of this European Standard from a DSRC-stack perspective.

[Image removed.]

Standard NumberBS EN 15509:2014
TitleElectronic fee collection. Interoperability application profile for DSRC
StatusCurrent, Work in hand
Publication Date30 September 2014
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 12834:2003, EN 13372:2004, ISO 14906:2011, ISO/IEC 18033-3:2010, ISO/IEC 9797-1:2011, ETSI/TS 102 486-1-1 V1.1.1 (2006-03), ETSI/TS 102 486-2-1 V1.2.1 (2008-10), EN ISO 14906:2011, ISO/IEC 9646-7
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 12253, CEN ISO/TS 14907-1:2010, 2004/52/EC, 2009/750/EC, ISO/IEC/TR 10000-1:1998, EN 12795, INCITS 92-1981(R1998), ISO 17573:2010, ISO/IEC 7812-1:2006, EN ISO 14816:2005, ISO/TS 14907-1:2010, EN 15876-1, EN 15876-2, ETSI/TS 102 486-2-2, UN/ECE Regulation No. 43, ETSI/TS 102 486-1-3, ISO/IEC 8824-1:2008, ISO/IEC/TR 10000-2:1998, ISO/IEC/TR 10000-3:1998, ISO 16609:2012, ETSI/TS 102 486-2-3, ISO 14816:2005, ETSI/TS 102 486-1-2, ISO 612, ISO/IEC 18033-3:2010, ISO/IEC 8825-2:2008, ISO 1176, CEN/TS 16439:2013
ReplacesBS EN 15509:2007
International RelationshipsEN 15509:2014
Draft Superseded By12/30268705 DC
DescriptorsInformation exchange, Radiocommunication, Data transfer, Road vehicles, Application layer (OSI), Interfaces (data processing), Toll systems, Data security, Traffic, Traffic control, Data transmission, Road transport, Interoperability, Electronic equipment and components, Data processing
Title in FrenchPerception de télépéage. Profil d'application d'interopérabilité pour DSRC
Title in GermanElektronische Gebührenerhebung. Anwendungsprofil für DSRC Interoperabilität
ISBN978 0 580 80143 3
File Size2.039 MB

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