BS EN IEC 61869-9:2019 - Instrument transformers. Digital interface for instrument transformers

BS EN IEC 61869-9:2019

Instrument transformers. Digital interface for instrument transformers

Status : Current   Published : August 2019



IEC 61869-9:2016 is a product family standard applicable to instrument transformers with digital output. The product standard is composed of IEC 61869-1 and IEC 61869-6, in addition to this standard and the relevant product specific standards in the IEC 61869 series (Part 7, Part 8, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, and Part 15). This standard defines requirements for digital communications of instrument transformer measurements. It is based on the IEC 61850 series, UCA international users group document Implementation guideline for digital interface to instrument transformers using IEC 61850-9-2, and the relevant parts of IEC 60044-8 that are replaced by this standard. It includes additional improvements including the IEC 61588 network based time synchronization. This first edition replaces the corresponding specific requirements previously contained in IEC 60044-8, published in 2002. This International Standard contains specific requirements for electronic low power instrument transformers (LPIT) having a digital output. However, the reader is encouraged to use its most recent edition. This publication contains an attached file in the form of a .xml file. This file is intended to be used as a complement and does not form an integral part of the publication.

Standard NumberBS EN IEC 61869-9:2019
TitleInstrument transformers. Digital interface for instrument transformers
Publication Date19 August 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 61850-7-2:2010, IEC 61588:2009, IEC 61850-7-1:2011, IEC 61850-10:2012, EN 61869-6:2016, EN 61850-9-2:2011, EN 61850-6:2010, EN 61850-7-2:2010, IEC 61850-8-1:2011, IEC 61869-6:2016, IEC 61850-7-3:2010, IEC 61850-9-2:2011, EN 61850-7-1:2011, IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3:2016, EN 61850-8-1:2011, EN 61850-10:2013, IEC 61850-6:2009, EN 61850-7-3:2011
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 62271-3, IEC 61850, EN 61850-10, IEC 62271-3, IEC 61850-8-1, EN 61869, EN 61850-8-1, IEC 61869, EN 61850, IEC 61850-10, EN 60044-7:2000, EN 61850-5:2013, IEC 61850-5:2013, IEC 60044-7:1999, EN 60044-8:2002, IEC 60044-8:2002
ReplacesBS EN 60044-8:2002
International RelationshipsEN IEC 61869-9:2019,IEC 61869-9:2016
Draft Superseded By12/30267268 DC12/30274900 DC
DescriptorsLow-voltage equipment, Electrical measurement, Instrument transformers, Rated frequencies, Electrical testing, Control equipment, Electrical equipment, Capacitance measurement, Electrical insulation, Capacitors, Transformers, Potential transformers, Electrical protection equipment, Voltage dividers
Title in FrenchTransformateurs de mesure Interface numérique pour les transformateurs de mesure
Title in GermanMesswandler Digitale Schnittstelle für Messwandler
ISBN978 0 580 79791 0
File Size1.288 MB

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