BS EN 61158-6-10:2014 - Industrial communication networks. Fieldbus specifications. Application layer protocol specification. Type 10 elements
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BS EN 61158-6-10:2014

Industrial communication networks. Fieldbus specifications. Application layer protocol specification. Type 10 elements

Status : Current, Superseded, Under review   Published : November 2014 Replaced By : BS EN IEC 61158-6-10:2019



IEC 61158-6-10:2014 defines the protocol provided to define the wire-representation of the service primitives defined in IEC 61158-5-10, and define the externally visible behavior associated with their transfer. This standard specifies the protocol of the Type 10 fieldbus application layer, in conformance with the OSI Basic Reference Model (ISO/IEC 7498-1) and the OSI application layer structure (ISO/IEC 9545). This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition published in 2010 and constitutes a technical revision. The main changes are:

- Change from MRP integration to MRP reference;

- Integration of dynamic frame packing;

- Integration of peer to peer fragmentation;

- Integration of fast forwarding;

- Integration of shared RT_CLASS_3 ARs;

- Integration of vendor specific blocks for the connect;

- Integration of generic POF diagnosis;

- Integration of autoconfiguration;

- Integration of seamless media redundancy MRPD;

- Integration of the System redundancy basic functionality;

- Integration of the Configure in run basic functionality;

- Integration of multiple interface support;

- Integration of port statistic for error tracking;

- Integration of controller to controller communication basic functionality;

- Optimization of RT_CLASS_3 startup and forwarding;

- Optimization of isochronuos startup;

- Optimization of the startup time from power down;

- Removal of MRRT;

- Removal of distributed automation;

- Update of the LLDP-EXT-MIB.

Standard NumberBS EN 61158-6-10:2014
TitleIndustrial communication networks. Fieldbus specifications. Application layer protocol specification. Type 10 elements
StatusCurrent, Superseded, Under review
Publication Date30 November 2014
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IETF RFC 826, EN 61158-2:2014, EN 61158-5-10:2014, IETF RFC 4836, ISO/IEC 646:1991, IEEE 802.1D, IEC 61158-6-3:2014, IEEE 802.1Q, EN 62439-2:2017, IETF RFC 2474, IEEE 802.1AS, IEEE 802.1AB:2005, IETF RFC 4361, IETF RFC 5890, IETF RFC 4363, IETF RFC 2365, IEC 62439-2, EN 61158-1:2014, IETF RFC 5735, IETF RFC 3418, IETF RFC 1213, IEC 61588, EN 61158-6-3:2014, IETF RFC 791, Open Group Publication C706 DCE1.1, IEEE 802.11, IEC 61158-1:2014, IEEE 802.15.1:2005, IETF RFC 2131, ISO/IEC 9545, ISO 8601, IETF RFC 1034, ISO/IEC 8822, IETF RFC 3621, IETF RFC 2132, IEC 61158-2:2014, IEEE 754, IEC 61158-5-10:2014, IEEE 802.3, IETF RFC 2674, ISO/IEC 7498-1, IETF RFC 2236, IEEE 802, ISO/IEC 8824-1, IETF RFC 768, ISO/IEC 10731, IETF RFC 792, IETF RFC 2863
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 61784-3-3:2017, IETF RFC 2737, IEC 61784-2, IEC 60793-2-30, IEC 61784-1, IETF RFC 5494, EN 61784-2, EN 61784-1, IETF RFC 4632, IEC 61784-3-3, IETF RFC 4133, ISO 15745-4:2003, IEEE 802.11n, ISO 15745-4:2003/A1:2006, IETF RFC 4604, ISO/IEC 8859-1, EN 60793-2-40, EN 60793-2-30, IEC 60793-2-40, IETF RFC 5891, IETF RFC 3376
Replaced ByBS EN IEC 61158-6-10:2019
ReplacesBS EN 61158-6-10:2012
International RelationshipsIEC 61158-6-10:2014,EN 61158-6-10:2014,EN 60684-3-281:2010
DescriptorsProcess control, Computer networks, Data transmission, Fieldbus, Communication networks, Application layer (OSI), Communication procedures, Industrial, Open systems interconnection, Automatic control systems, Coding (data conversion), Bus networks, Interfaces (data processing)
Title in FrenchRéseaux de communication industriels. Spécifications des bus de terrain. Spécification du protocole de la couche application. Eléments de type 10
Title in GermanIndustrielle Kommunikationsnetze. Feldbusse. Protokollspezifikation des Application Layer (Anwendungsschicht). Typ 10-Elemente
ISBN978 0 580 79473 5
File Size5.505 MB

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