BS EN 62734:2015 - Industrial networks. Wireless communication network and communication profiles. ISA 100.11a

BS EN 62734:2015

Industrial networks. Wireless communication network and communication profiles. ISA 100.11a

Status : Current, Superseded   Published : January 2015 Replaced By : BS EN 62734:2015+A1:2019



IEC 62734:2014 provides specifications in accordance with the OSI Basic Reference Model, ISO/IEC 7498-1, (e.g., PhL, DL, etc.). It is intended to provide reliable and secure wireless operation for non-critical monitoring, alerting, supervisory control, open loop control, and closed loop control applications. It defines a protocol suite, including system management, gateway considerations, and security specifications, for low-data-rate wireless connectivity with fixed, portable, and slowly-moving devices, often operating under severe energy and power constraints. The application focus is the performance needs of process automation monitoring and control where end-to-end communication latencies on the order of at least 100 ms can be tolerated.

Standard NumberBS EN 62734:2015
TitleIndustrial networks. Wireless communication network and communication profiles. ISA 100.11a
StatusCurrent, Superseded
Publication Date31 January 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)SEC 4, ISO/IEC 646, ANSI X9.63:2011, ISO/IEC 18033-3, IETF RFC 6298, IETF RFC 4944, IETF RFC 2464, IETF RFC 3168, ISO/IEC 10731, IEEE 802.15.4™:2011, IETF RFC 2529, IETF RFC 4213, ISO/IEC 19772, IETF RFC 6282:2011, SEC 1:2009, IETF RFC 4291:2006, IETF RFC 2460:1998
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Replaced ByBS EN 62734:2015+A1:2019
ReplacesPD IEC/PAS 62734:2012
International RelationshipsEN 62734:2015,IEC 62734:2014
Draft Superseded By12/30259506 DC
DescriptorsProcess control, Industrial, Communication networks, Interfaces (data processing), Fieldbus, Open systems interconnection, Computer networks, Radiocommunication, Data transmission, Bus networks, Communication procedures, Network layer (OSI), Data processing, Automatic control systems
Title in FrenchRéseaux industriels. Réseau de communication sans fil et profils de communication. ISA 100.11a
Title in GermanIndustrielle Kommunikationsnetze. Drahtlose Kommunikationsnetze und Kommunikationsprofile. ISA 100.11a
ISBN978 0 580 78132 2
File Size10.71 MB

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