BS 5908-2:2012 Fire and explosion precautions at premises handling flammable gases, liquids and dusts. Guide to applicable standards and regulations

BS 5908-2:2012

Fire and explosion precautions at premises handling flammable gases, liquids and dusts. Guide to applicable standards and regulations

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : December 2012



What is this standard about?

BS 5908-2:2012 offers guidance on the legislation and standards applicable to onshore industrial premises that handle significant quantities of flammable gases, liquids or dusts. 

Who is this standard for?

  • Fire safety managers
  • Facilities managers/maintenance staff
  • Regulators/quality managers
  • Chemical/flammable gas/liquids onshore plants
  • Suppliers of plant and equipment to onshore industrial premises

Why should you use this standard?

Fire and explosion hazards exist wherever dangerous or combustible substances are stored, transported, processed or used.  Legal requirements are imposed on employers to ensure the safety of workers and others by minimizing the risk of fires and explosions.

This second part of BS 5908 identifies the different strands of legislation and standards that apply to those who use such materials and to those who supply plant and equipment for any of these activities. It is a guidance document that enables them to identify fire and explosion hazards which might be relevant to them.

Many sites in the chemical and energy sectors have comparatively few employees and are situated away from centres of population. Any fire or explosion might therefore have a low risk of causing death or injury at such sites, but employers still need to prevent incidents which can cause damage to equipment, loss of raw materials or products and, ultimately, a real threat to the viability of their businesses. Accordingly, any package of protective measures should address the risks to both people and property.

NOTE: The issue of chemical reaction hazards is considered in BS 5908-1. Some flammable liquids used in pressurized systems, such as hydraulic oils, can form flammable mists from small leaks in hosing or pipework. This scenario is covered in the discussion of the legislation and standards applicable to this situation.

What’s changed since the last update?

  • BS 5908-2:2012 has been fully revised by experts to bring it up to date with technological developments and industry best practice
  • It constitutes a full revision of what was PD 6686:2006 which is withdrawn

Standard NumberBS 5908-2:2012
TitleFire and explosion precautions at premises handling flammable gases, liquids and dusts. Guide to applicable standards and regulations
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date31 December 2012
Confirm Date01 May 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN 12753, BS EN 14034-3, BS EN 14994, BS EN 14071, BS EN 671, BS EN 1593, BS 7899-1, BS EN 16009, BS EN 13480-4, BS EN 15794, BS EN 13480-2, BS EN 13611, BS EN 14034-2, BS EN 1775, BS EN 13160, BS 5306-0, BS 7273-2, BS EN 620, BS EN 13922, BS EN 15089, BS 5266-1, BS EN 746-3, BS EN 746-1, BS EN 1991-4, BS EN 54-23, BS EN 777, BS EN 14491, BS EN 14034-1, BS EN 13237, BS EN 1834-1, BS EN 13175, BS EN 14958, BS EN 12259, BS EN 54-3, BS EN 1256, BS 5839-8, BS 6656, BS EN 13821, BS EN 1127-1, BS 7273-1, BS EN 416, BS EN 3-9, BS EN 1838, BS EN 13616, BS 5499, BS EN 12416-1, BS 5041-1, BS EN 12981, BS EN 13776, BS EN 14034-4, BS 5041-2, BS EN 13463-5, BS 3790, BS 5306-4, BS EN 14373, BS EN 12416-2, BS EN 13480-3, BS EN 1866-1, BS EN 12817, BS|, BS EN 54-12, BS 7273-3, BS EN 298, BS EN 14570, BS EN 54-1, BS EN 12252, BS EN 13478, BS EN 1834-3, BS EN 13480-5, BS EN 1762:2017, BS EN 15004-9, BS EN 13565-1, BS EN 1568-1, BS EN 15004-4, BS EN 13565-2, BS EN 267:2017, BS 5839-1, BS EN 14986:2017, BS EN 15004-3, BS EN 54-20, BS EN 15004-7, BS EN 676, BS EN 54-10, BS EN 54-4, BS EN 15004-1, BS EN 54-7, BS
ReplacesPD 6686:2006
Draft Superseded By12/30258581 DC
DescriptorsOccupational safety, Chemical hazards, Flammable atmospheres, Regulations, Production, Construction materials, Firefighting equipment, Means of escape from fire in buildings, Risk assessment, Protected electrical equipment, Industrial facilities, Fire alarms, Fire risks, Structural fire protection, Flammable materials, Chemical industry, Explosions, Explosive atmospheres, Firefighting, Standards, Fire safety in buildings, Specifications, Technical regulations, Dangerous materials, Fire safety, Equipment safety
ISBN978 0 580 77877 3
File Size165 KB

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