BS 8582 Code of practice for surface water management for development sites

BS 8582:2013

Code of practice for surface water management for development sites

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : November 2013



New standard for managing floods - BS 8582:2013 Code of practice for surface water management for development sites

What is BS 8582?

BS 8582 gives recommendations on the planning, design, construction and maintenance of surface water management systems for new developments and redevelopment sites in:

a)    Minimizing and/or mitigating flooding and other environmental risks arising from:
1)    Site surface water run-off as a result of rain falling onto the development site
2)    Run-off conveyed across or arising on the site from other sources

b)    Maximizing the potential societal and environmental benefits arising from the:
1)    Use of surface water run-off to protect and enhance local water resources and supplies
2)    Contribution of surface water management systems in mitigating climate risks associated  with urbanization
3)    Integration of surface water management systems with planning processes and urban design in delivering amenity and community value and in repairing, protecting and enhancing landscape and/or townscape character
4)    Repair, protection and enhancement of biodiversity.

Despite regional differences in approaches to flood risk management, this standard applies to all UK territories and all regional authorities. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland were actively involved in writing this standard.

 What can BS 8582 do for you?

  • Propose a key requirement for effective integration of surface water management within the planning application and site design processes
  • Embed early consultation with key stakeholders through planning, feasibility and detailed design stages
  • Set an effective criteria for surface water management system that address:
  1. The management of on-site flood risk
  2. The mitigation of increased receiving waterbody flood risk as a result of site surface water discharges
  3. The protection of the environment to which the site surface water runoff is discharged
  • Set principles to guide the design in considering sustainability, adaptability, constructability, maintainability and long term economic viability together with maximising the potential ecosystem, environmental and social opportunities that surface water management systems can deliver for the development
  • Recommend  good practice protocols for the construction and maintenance of surface water management systems
  • Recommend good practice protocols for the development and sharing of information with stakeholders regarding system design and operation.

Why did we produce BS 8582?

  • Lack of consistency in guidance: A considerable amount of existing guidance is available relating to the assessment and management of surface water related flooding risks.  It is acknowledged however that this wealth of guidance is disparate, often cumbersome, and at times contradictory.  This is a critical constraint for developers and local authorities when interrogating the appropriate way forward for a safe and sustainable site based surface water management system.  More importantly, it is acknowledged that gaps exist in the available guidance, particularly in relation to the practical analysis and management of surface water flooding risks with respect to site safety.
  • Growing demand: It is acknowledged that there is an increasing degree of responsibility being placed upon local authorities across the UK, as part of the planning process, to scope and review technical submissions relating to surface water flood risk management.  There is therefore a growing demand for consistent, clear industry guidance that developers can refer to when preparing a planning application, and designing a safe and sustainable surface water management system.
  • Government support: The current economic uncertainty could affect the take up and implementation of this document. However, there is considerable political will to address flood risk, and it is considered that surface water management is one effective tool to achieve this, especially in urban areas. Government initiatives are being put in place with the aim of an upturn by the time this standard will be published. This standard will respond to some of the findings of the Pitt Review and the Government's subsequent and on-going regulatory response and fit with policy directions arising from the Natural Environment White Paper and obtaining best value from investments. 

Who should use BS 8582?

  • Local authorities
  • Developers
  • Internal drainage boards
  • Water companies
  • Industry practitioners such as consultants and architects
  • Anyone involved in the drainage approval processes

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Standard NumberBS 8582:2013
TitleCode of practice for surface water management for development sites
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date30 November 2013
Confirm Date21 September 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS EN 752:2017, BS 8533:2011, BS 8515, BS 10175, BS 5930
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN 1433, The Water Environment and Water Services (Scotland), SuDS for Roads, Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009, The SuDS manual C697, 2007/60/EC, 2000/60/EC, (Scotland) Regulations 2011, The Water Industry Act 1991, 2007, The Building Regulations 2010, National Planning Policy Framework, The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) Order 1979, The Flood and Water Management Act 2010, The Scottish Planning Policy (SPP), The Water Environment (Controlled Activities), Act 2003, The Water (Northern Ireland) Order 1999, BS 31100, The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, BS ISO 31000:2018
Draft Superseded By12/30253265 DC
DescriptorsPlanning, Waste-water drainage, Hazard prevention in buildings, Physical planning, Structural design, Sewers, Water supply and waste systems (building, Risk assessment, Sewerage, Management, Reservoirs, Buildings, Drainage, Water supply engineering, Design, Surface-water drainage, Maintenance, Safety measures
ISBN978 0 580 76700 5
File Size1.022 MB

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