BS 6349-1-4:2013 Maritime works. General. Code of practice for materials

BS 6349-1-4:2013

Maritime works. General. Code of practice for materials

Status : Current, Work in hand   Published : February 2013



What is this standard about?

It provides recommendations for the materials used in the design and construction of maritime environment structures, including specific provisions for use in a seawater environment. 

Who is this standard for? 

  • Providers of materials for, and all those involved in, the maritime industry
  • Maritime engineers/architects/surveyors/construction industry
  • Infrastructure and environmental engineers for ports
  • Project management consultants for maritime/ports
  • Port authorities
  • Private consultancies
  • Planning agencies
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of fenders and vessel berthing products

Why should you use this standard? 

There have been significant changes and improvements in many of the materials involved in maritime structures, in particular concerning concrete and various cement replacements. Concrete structures are vulnerable within sea water environments and so it is important to look at durability and efficiency of materials – the most significant changes have been made to the concrete section.

What’s changed since the last update?

A full revision of BS 6349-1:2000 was undertaken and the principal change was to split the document into four smaller parts:

BS 6349-1-1: Code of practice for planning and design for operations

BS 6349-1-2: Code of practice for assessment of actions

BS 6349-1-3: Code of practice for geotechnical design

BS 6349-1-4: Code of practice for materials

  • The principal change in respect of the materials content is that the document has been edited to be compatible with relevant Eurocodes
  • The concrete clause has been significantly revised to reflect current industry practice and to bring the recommendations in line with comparable British and European standards

Standard NumberBS 6349-1-4:2013
TitleMaritime works. General. Code of practice for materials
StatusCurrent, Work in hand
Publication Date28 February 2013
Confirm Date01 May 2018
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Informative References(Provided for Information)BS 7361-1:1991, BS EN 515:2017, BS 6349-4, BS 7543, BS 6349-2, BS 6349-1-2, BS 6349-5, BS EN 586, PD 6682-7, BS EN 13383, BS EN 13670, BS 1473, BS EN 1301, BS 6349-1-3, BS EN 755, BS EN 603, BS 6349-3, BS 6349-7, BS EN 573, BS EN 754, BS 1881-124, BS EN 485, BS EN 604-1, BS 6349-1-1, BS 6349-8, BS 6349-6
ReplacesBS 6349-1:2000
Draft Superseded By12/30250711 DC
DescriptorsPlanning, Construction materials, Soil mechanics, Structural geology, Dynamic oceanography, Maritime structures, Construction works, Loading, Oceanography, Structural design, Ocean waves, Offshore construction works, Marine environment, Maintenance
ISBN978 0 580 76231 4
File Size2.021 MB

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