BS EN 12252:2012 - LPG equipment and accessories. Equipping of LPG road tankers

BS EN 12252:2012

LPG equipment and accessories. Equipping of LPG road tankers

Status : Revised, Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : September 2012 Replaced By : BS EN 12252:2014

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This European Standard specifies equipment and accessories for road tankers used for the transport of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and identifies the equipment that is considered necessary to ensure that filling, transportation and discharge operations can be carried out safely. It specifies the requirements for the assembly of the accessories and the vehicle LPG equipment to the road tanker. This European Standard also identifies additional equipment and accessories that can be used on road tankers carrying LPG. This European Standard does not preclude the use of alternative designs, materials and equipment testing which provide the same or a higher level of safety. ADR [9] requires that such alternative technical codes be recognised by the competent authority, provided that the minimum requirements of section 6.8.2 of ADR [9] are complied with. This European Standard does not apply to "tank-containers" or "battery-vehicles" used for the transport of LPG.

Standard NumberBS EN 12252:2012
TitleLPG equipment and accessories. Equipping of LPG road tankers
StatusRevised, Superseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date30 September 2012
Withdrawn Date30 April 2014
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 287-1, EN 549, EN 558, EN 837-2, EN 1012-1, EN 1418, EN 1591-1, EN 1762, EN 1983, EN 1984, EN 10025, EN 10028, EN 10204:2004, EN 10216-1, EN 10217-1, EN 12074, EN 12493, EN 12627, EN 12760, EN 13175, EN 13709, EN 13789, EN 13799, EN 14422, EN 14424, prEN 16125, EN ISO 148-1, ISO 148-1, EN ISO 3834-2, ISO 3834-2, EN ISO 3834-3, ISO 3834-3, EN ISO 10497, ISO 10497, EN ISO 15609-1, ISO 15609-1, EN ISO 15614-1, ISO 15614-1
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 1092-1, EN 1708-1, EN 14717, EN ISO 11114-2, ISO 11114-2:2000, EN ISO 14021, ISO 14021:1999, EN ISO 14024, ISO 14024:1999, EN ISO 14025, ISO 14025:2006, ISO 7005-1
Replaced ByBS EN 12252:2014
ReplacesBS EN 12252:2005+A1:2008
International RelationshipsEN 12252:2012
Draft Superseded By12/30250279 DC
DescriptorsRoad tankers, Commercial road vehicles, Liquefied petroleum gas, Liquefied gases, Tanks (containers), Freight containers, Materials handling equipment, Road vehicle components, Pipes, Valves, Safety measures, Road transport, Filling devices
Title in FrenchEquipements pour GPL et leurs accessories. Equipements des camions citernes pour GPL
Title in GermanFlüssiggas-Geräte und Ausrüstungsteile. Ausrüstung von Straßentankfahrzeugen für Flüssiggas (LPG)
ISBN978 0 580 76108 9
File Size1.06 MB

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Customer Relations, +44 345 086 9001
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