BS EN 14141:2013 - Valves for natural gas transportation in pipelines. Performance requirements and tests

BS EN 14141:2013

Valves for natural gas transportation in pipelines. Performance requirements and tests

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : June 2013



This European Standard applies to all valves (plug, ball, gate and check valves) used in onshore transmission pipelines for transport of natural gas in accordance with EN 1594, but with a differing temperature range according to the following three classes in accordance with EN 682: 1) - 10 °C to 60 °C; 2) - 20 °C to 60 °C; 3) the range stated by the purchaser for special design. This European Standard comprises all valves which are components of the pipeline. This European Standard specifies valves for pipelines with a maximum operating pressure (MOP) over 16 bar. Control valves and safety valves are excluded from the scope of this European Standard. This European Standard specifies requirements and appropriate verification tests carried out during production and for certification purposes to verify that the valves conform to the requirements. A summary of the product and type tests is given in Annex G. This European Standard makes reference to EN 13942. All the requirements of EN 13942 should be met unless otherwise stated. Paragraphs marked with a dot [•] indicate requirements which are identical to EN 13942. Additional national requirements and tests in accordance with individual national legal regulations not yet harmonised may be necessary and are to be advised in the purchase order.

Standard NumberBS EN 14141:2013
TitleValves for natural gas transportation in pipelines. Performance requirements and tests
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date30 June 2013
Confirm Date11 March 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN ISO 17637, ISO 17638, EN 1515-2, EN 736-1:1995, EN 682, ISO 17637, EN ISO 23278:2009, EN 1503-1, EN 571-1, EN 558, EN ISO 9712:2012, EN 1594, ISO 23277:2006, EN ISO 5211, ISO 10497, EN 12516-2, EN 12516-3, EN ISO 23277:2009, ISO 11666:2010, ISO 5210:2017, EN 10228-3:1998, EN 10204:2004, EN 12517-1:2006, EN 1435:1997, EN 549, EN 10228-1:1999, EN 12266-1:2012, ISO 5211:2017, EN 12627:1999, EN 19, EN 736-3:2008, EN 736-2:1997, EN 10228-2:1998, EN 1371-1:2011, EN 13942:2009, EN 1369:2012, ISO 9712:2012, EN ISO 5210, ISO 23278:2006, EN 10228-4, EN 12982, EN 1515-1, EN 1503-2, EN ISO 11666:2010, EN ISO 148-1, MSS-SP-55-2006, EN ISO 10497, ISO 14313:2007, EN ISO 17640:2010, EN 12681, ISO 17640:2010, ISO 148-1, EN 12516-1, EN ISO 17638
Informative References(Provided for Information)ASME B16.34-2004, Norsok standard M-710
ReplacesBS EN 14141:2003
International RelationshipsEN 14141:2013
Draft Superseded By11/30248438 DC
DescriptorsCheck valves, Natural gas, Fluid equipment, Valves, Quality assurance systems, Gas valves, Liquefied natural gas, Performance, Approval testing, Ball valves, Pipeline transportation, Pipelines, Gate valves, Plug valves, Performance testing
Title in FrenchRobinetterie pour le transport de gaz naturel par des pipelines. Exigences de performance et essais
Title in GermanArmaturen für den Transport von Erdgas in Fernleitungen. Anforderungen an die Gebrauchstauglichkeit und deren Prüfung
ISBN978 0 580 75759 4
File Size581 KB

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