BS EN 62722-2-1:2016 - Luminaire performance. Particular requirements for LED luminaires

BS EN 62722-2-1:2016

Luminaire performance. Particular requirements for LED luminaires

Status : Current, Under review   Published : May 2016



This part of IEC 62722 specifies the performance requirements for LED luminaires, together with the test methods and conditions, required to show compliance with this standard. It applies to LED luminaires for general lighting purposes.

The following types of LED luminaires are distinguished.

  • Type A ‒ Luminaires using LED modules where compliance with IEC 627171 has been proven.

  • Type B ‒ Luminaires using LED modules where compliance with IEC 627171 has not been proven.

  • Type C ‒ Luminaires using a LED lamp and covered in IEC 62722‑1.

The requirements of this standard only relate to type testing.

This standard does not cover Type C luminaires.

This standard does not cover LED luminaires that intentionally produce coloured light, neither does it cover luminaires using OLEDs (organic LEDs).

These performance requirements are additional to the requirements in IEC 62722‑1, Clauses 1 to 9, except where in this Part 2-1 alternative methods of measurement or limits are specified.

As this standard has been simultaneously developed and edited with the standard for LED modules, where appropriate the compliance of the LED modules to the provisions of IEC 62717 may be transferred to the whole luminaire.

Life time of LED luminaires is in most cases much longer than the practical test times. Consequently, verification of manufacturer’s life time claims cannot be made in a sufficiently confident way. For that reason the acceptance or rejection of a manufacturer’s life time claim, past 25 % of rated life (with a maximum of 6 000 h), is out of the scope of this standard.

Instead of life time validation, this standard has opted for lumen maintenance categories at a defined finite test time. Therefore, the category number does not imply a prediction of achievable life time. The categories are lumen-depreciation character categories showing behaviour in agreement with manufacturer’s information which is provided before the test is started.

In order to validate a life time claim, an extrapolation of test data is needed. A general method of projecting measurement data beyond limited test time is under consideration.

For explanation of recommended life time metrics see IEC 62717, Annex C.

It may be expected that LED luminaires which comply with this standard will start and operate satisfactorily at voltages between 92 % and 106 % of rated supply voltage and at an ambient air temperature within the declared range of the manufacturer.

Evaluation of LOR (light output ratio) for LED luminaire is under consideration.

Standard NumberBS EN 62722-2-1:2016
TitleLuminaire performance. Particular requirements for LED luminaires
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date31 May 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 62717:2017, IEC 62717, IEC 60598-2-5, EN 60598-2-5, EN 62722-1, IEC 60598-1, EN 60598-2-3, IEC 62722-1, EN 60598-1, IEC 62031, IEC 62504, EN 62504, EN 62031, IEC 60598-2-3
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 61547, EN 62442-3:2014, IEC 60050, IEC 61547, IEC 62442-3:2014, CIE 177:2007, EN 62560, IEC 62560, CISPR 15:2005, EN 55015:2006
ReplacesDD IEC/PAS 62722-2-1:2011
International RelationshipsEN 62722-2-1:2016,IEC 62722-2-1:2014
Draft Superseded By12/30243232 DC
DescriptorsOptical measurement, Endurance testing, Lighting equipment, Performance testing, Light-emitting devices, Efficiency, Electric lamps, Luminous flux, Rated power, Optical properties of materials, Luminous intensity, Product information, Light-emitting diodes, Luminaires, Life (durability), Performance
Title in FrenchPerformance des luminaires. Exigences particulières relatives aux luminaires à LED
Title in GermanArbeitsweise von Leuchten. Besondere Anforderungen an LED-Leuchten
ISBN978 0 580 74719 9
File Size1.979 MB

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