BS EN 60974-2:2013 - Arc welding equipment. Liquid cooling systems

BS EN 60974-2:2013

Arc welding equipment. Liquid cooling systems

Status : Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : July 2013 Replaced By : BS EN IEC 60974-2:2019

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IEC 60974-2:2013 specifies safety and construction requirements for industrial and professional liquid cooling systems used in arc welding and allied processes to cool torches. This part of IEC 60974 is applicable to stand-alone liquid cooling systems that are either connected to a separate welding power source or built into the welding power source enclosure. This part of IEC 60974 is not applicable to refrigerated cooling systems. This third edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 2007 and constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:

- changes induced by the publication of IEC 60974-1:2012;

- addition of a liquid temperature fixed to 65 °C during the heating test in order to allow testing at different ambient air temperature (see 10 d));

- correction factor of cooling power at 40 °C required in instruction manual (see 12.1 o)).

This publication is to be read in conjunction with

IEC 60974-1:2012


Standard NumberBS EN 60974-2:2013
TitleArc welding equipment. Liquid cooling systems
StatusSuperseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date31 July 2013
Withdrawn Date03 May 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60974-1:2012, IEC 60974-7, IEC 60974-10, EN 60974-1:2012, EN 60974-7, EN 60974-10
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
Replaced ByBS EN IEC 60974-2:2019
ReplacesBS EN 60974-2:2008
International RelationshipsEN 60974-2:2013,IEC 60974-2:2013
Draft Superseded By11/30240803 DC
DescriptorsArc-welding equipment, Welding equipment, Electrical safety, Liquid-cooled systems, Arc welding, Welding, Cooling systems
Title in FrenchMatériel de soudage à l'arc. Systèmes de refroidissement par liquide
Title in GermanLichtbogenschweißeinrichtungen. Flüssigkeitskühlsysteme
ISBN978 0 580 74266 8
File Size1.229 MB

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