PD CEN/TR 16376:2012 - Characterization of waste. Overall guidance document for characterization of waste from the extractive industries

PD CEN/TR 16376:2012

Characterization of waste. Overall guidance document for characterization of waste from the extractive industries

Status : Current   Published : January 2013



This Technical Report gives guidance and recommendations on the application of methods for the characterization of waste from extractive industries , i.e. wastes resulting from the prospecting, extraction, treatment and storage of mineral resources and the working of quarries. The document covers characterization methods for both physical and geochemical properties and also other significant aspects, from planning to interpretation and reporting. The main purpose of the document is to aid the extractive industry and regulatory agencies in the member states in understanding how to perform waste characterization for planned, active and closed extractive operations. The document includes a discussion on when and why characterization may be needed and on the contexts within which characterization data may need to be applied. However, it does not cover information on how to apply these characterization results, e.g. for dam design or closure planning. For guidance on how to use characterization results correctly for predictive modelling or design purposes references are made to other sources of information. The extractive industry covers many different sectors with very different waste categories and characterization may be carried out with many different objectives. For this reason, a guidance document on characterization cannot be prescriptive or provide generally applicable instructions on how waste characterization should be performed in each and every case.

Standard NumberPD CEN/TR 16376:2012
TitleCharacterization of waste. Overall guidance document for characterization of waste from the extractive industries
Publication Date31 January 2013
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 1744-3:2002, EN 12457-1 to 4:2002, EN 12506:2003, EN ISO/DIS 12782 parts 1-5:2010, EN 12920:2004, EN 13137:2001, EN 13370:2003, CEN/TS 14405:2004, CEN/TS 14429:2005, EN 14582:2007, EN 14735:2005, CEN/TS 14997:2007, EN 15216:2007, CEN/TS 15683:2010, EN 15875:2011, prEN 16170:2010, prEN 16171:2010, CEN/TR 16363:2011, CEN/TR 16365:2012, EN 1997-1:2005, EN 1997-2:2007, EN ISO 14688, EN ISO 14689, EN ISO 17892, EN ISO 22282, EN ISO 22475, EN ISO 22476, EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, CEN/TC 351/TS-2:2009/WI00351009, CEN/TC 351/TS-3:2009/WI00351010, ISO 351:1996, ISO 15178:2000, CEN ISO/TS 21268-3:2007, CEN ISO/TS 21268-4:2007, NEN 7347:2006, EPA Method 1313:2009, EPA Method 1314:2009, EPA Method 1315:2009, EPA:1994, EPA:1994, EPA SW 846, ASTM D 5744:1996, BS 5930:1999, BS 6031:2009, 2009/337/EC, 2006/21/EC, 2009/359/EC, 2009/360/EC, 75/442/EEC, 2003/33/EC, ICOLD Bulletin 44:1989, ICOLD Bulletin 45:1982, ICOLD Bulletin 98:1995, ICOLD Bulletin 101:1991, ICOLD Bulletin 103:1993, ICOLD Bulletin 104:1996, ICOLD Bulletin 106:1996, ICOLD Bulletin 121:2001, ICOLD Bulletin 139:2009
International RelationshipsCEN/TR 16376:2012
DescriptorsWastes, Sludge, Particulate materials, Waste disposal, Leaching, pH measurement, Chemical analysis and testing, Determination of content, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chlorides, Cobalt, Chromium, Copper, Molybdenum, Nickel, Nitrogen dioxide, Lead, Sulfur, Sulfates, Vanadium, Zinc, Interferences (chemical)
Title in FrenchCaractérisation des déchets. Document guide pour la caractérisation des déchets issus des industries extractives
Title in GermanCharakterisierung von Abfällen. Leitfaden zur Charakterisierung von Abfällen der mineralgewinnenden Industrie
ISBN978 0 580 72733 7
File Size3.744 MB

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