BS EN 60676:2012 Industrial electroheating equipment. Test methods for direct arc furnaces

BS EN 60676:2012

Industrial electroheating equipment. Test methods for direct arc furnaces

Status : Current   Published : February 2012



What is BS EN 60676:2012

BS EN 60676:2012 specifies test procedures, conditions and methods according to which the main parameters and the main operational characteristics of electric arc furnaces (EAF) operated either with alternating current (EAFac) or with direct current (EAFdc) with acapacity above 500 kg/heat are established.

  What else can BS EN 60676:2012 be used for?

The EAF technology is also applicable to furnaces, in which liquid metal is kept at high temperature or superheated to casting temperature (e.g. in a ladle furnace (LF), operated with alternating current). Test methods for some special equipment, e.g. controlled rectifiers for EAFdc, are covered by IEC 60146-1-1.Test methods for submerged arc furnaces (SAF) are covered by IEC 60683.

Can this document be used in conjunction with other standards?

  • IEC 60398:1999, Industrial electro heating installations – General test methods
  • IEC 60519-1, Safety in electro heating installations – Part 1: General requirements
  • IEC 60519-4, Safety in electro heat installations – Part 4: Particular requirements for arc furnace installations

The contents of BS EN 60676:2012 include:

  1. Scope
  2. Normative references
  3. Terms and definitions
  4. Features of the EAF system
  5. Type of tests and general conditions of their performance
  6. Technical tests

Standard NumberBS EN 60676:2012
TitleIndustrial electroheating equipment. Test methods for direct arc furnaces
Publication Date29 February 2012
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 60519-4, IEC 60519-4, EN 60519-1, EN 60398:1999, IEC 60519-1, IEC 60398:1999
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60146-1-1:2009, IEC 60683:2011, IEC 60050
ReplacesBS EN 60676:2002, IEC 60676:2002
International RelationshipsEN 60676:2012,IEC 60676:2011
Draft Superseded By10/30230724 DC
DescriptorsWear tests, Short-circuit current tests, Heating equipment, Arc furnaces, Electrical testing, Performance testing, Industrial, Electric furnaces, Electrodes, Furnaces, Volume, Resistance measurement
Title in FrenchChauffage électrique industriel. Méthodes d'essai des fours à arc direct
Title in GermanIndustrielle Elektrowärmeanlagen. Prüfverfahren für Lichtbogen-Schmelzöfen
ISBN978 0 580 72080 2
File Size1.343 MB

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