BS EN 14427:2014 - LPG equipment and accessories. Transportable refillable fully wrapped composite cylinders for LPG. Design and construction

BS EN 14427:2014

LPG equipment and accessories. Transportable refillable fully wrapped composite cylinders for LPG. Design and construction

Status : Current, Project Underway   Published : June 2014



This European Standard - specifies minimum requirements for materials, design, construction, prototype testing and routine manufacturing inspections of fully wrapped composite cylinders with a water capacity from 0,5 litre up to and including 150 litres for liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) exposed to ambient temperatures, with a test pressure of at least 30 bar; - is only applicable to cylinders which are fitted with a pressure relief valve (see 4.1.3); - is applicable to cylinders with a liner of metallic material (welded or seamless) or non-metallic material (or a mixture thereof), reinforced by fibres of glass, carbon or aramid (or a mixture thereof); - is also applicable to composite cylinders without liners. Cylinders manufactured to this European Standard are suitable for temperatures down to ?40 °C. This European Standard does not address the design, fitting and performance of removable protective sleeves. Where these are fitted, the choice of material and sleeve performance should be considered separately.

Standard NumberBS EN 14427:2014
TitleLPG equipment and accessories. Transportable refillable fully wrapped composite cylinders for LPG. Design and construction
StatusCurrent, Project Underway
Publication Date30 June 2014
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Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 11363-1:2018, ISO 11363-2:2017, ISO 14021, EN ISO 7866, EN ISO 14024, EN ISO 14025, ISO 14025, EN 13953, EN 3-7, EN ISO 11363-1, ISO 7866, ISO 14024, Directive 2010/35/EU, EN ISO 11439, EN ISO 11363-2, ISO 11439, EN ISO 14021, CGA C14
ReplacesBS EN 14427:2004
International RelationshipsEN 14427:2014
Draft Superseded By11/30229997 DC
DescriptorsDefects, Design, Fire tests, Transportable, Approval testing, Pressure testing, Aluminium, Performance, Leak tests, Marking, Impact testing, Drop tests, Hydraulic tests, Gas cylinders, Mechanical testing, Inspection, Endurance testing, Environmental testing, Type testing, Burst tests
Title in FrenchÉquipements pour gaz de pétrole liquéfiés et leurs accessoires. Bouteilles en matériau composite, transportables et rechargeables, pour gaz de pétrole liquéfiés (GPL). Conception et fabrication
Title in GermanFlüssiggas-Geräte und Ausrüstungsteile. Ortsbewegliche wiederbefüllbare vollumwickelte Flaschen aus Verbundwerkstoff für Flüssiggas (LPG). Auslegung und Bau
ISBN978 0 580 71986 8
File Size1.269 MB

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